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Why Website Design Matters?

Why Website Design Matters

Many of you maybe think that the essence of a website is its CONTENT, because visitors visit the website mainly to find the information that they were looking for.

But are you sure that your visitors will only look at your website content alone?

The answer is definitely NO. Because realize it or not, your website visitors will always look at your Website Design first and will somewhat determine how long your visitor will stay and navigate to your website's other pages. With an unique and interesting information presentation, the website visitors will feel more Comfortable to visit your website at the other time, right? And if you are an Online Shop Owner, more visitors means that there will be a higher chance for them to buy your products! :)

That's why your website design matters. And this is also the important thing that most Indonesia Web Design & Developer should always look up to.

Then the next question is, how can we determine that a website already has a good design?

Here are some points that we can look up to

1. Have A Good Aesthetic Feel

A website must be able to comfort their vistitors' eyes. This will be related on the base elements of a website, such as the Font Type, Colors, Images, and others. This Good Aesthetic will develop Customers Trust that we as the website owner is truly professional in running our own business. The possibility to improve this Aesthetic is truly UNLIMITED, but without a doubt, a good website design will make your visitors easily trust your product! :)

2. All of The Website Elements Are Placed Well

Website Design must be able to REPRESENT its content well too. Content placement, button, images, and other important information must support each other. Try to place the most important information at the most top part of the website, and move slowly to other supportive information on the bottom. Encourage your visitors to understand your business through your website easily, so that they will be encouraged to see more of your website and products. There are some Website Layout Types that are the most commonly used nowadays.

3. Show The Additional Visual Effect

Adding some additional unique visual effect can enhance your visitors users experience, and make your website more memorable. Just remember to never exaggerate it!

Some elements that you can use are Slideshow, Photo Gallery, of Youtube Video Frame.

4. Combine Everyting

At the end, your website design will play crucial role in determining whether your visitor will decide to stay and take action or leave your website. Good website must be able to make their visitors feel comfortable to navigate through it, and more importantly, trust the information that is given in there.

So, have you had that Good Website Design?

If you haven't, please feel free to consult it with us. We are ready to help you in creating a website that will make you proud to have it, and your visitors happy to see it. :)