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What Is Parallax Scrolling In Web Design?

What Is Parallax Scrolling In Web Design?

Ever heard about Parallax Scrolling in Web Design Trend??

Definitively, Parallax is a relative change of angle from two static points, relatively with each other, just like as observed from a moving observer.

Just imagine when you look a static image in public spot (like LED Display, Standing Banner, etc). Try to focus your eye to only one spot of one part of image and walking as you are still looking at that very spot. That's what we know as Parallax Effect in Web Design

This Parallax term itself started from 2 Dimension Video Game Era, where the background and the actual objects are on separate layer, that create an illusion of depth differences between the objects and the backgrounds. Sometimes the background with move slower or faster than the character objects itself. This is the very basic concept of Parallax Scrolling that is used in most recent Web Design trend nowadays.

Parallax Scrolling itself gained its popularity since the explode of internet usage on 2015. Many website visitors look for different feel on the Website instead of just a flat image and text. Many Web Designers and Web Developers in Indonesia are competing with each other to create the most stunning website with its own unique Parallax Effect.

Can this Parallax Effect be used in every type of website? Yes, of course.

But will it be always effective? The answer is no.

Because Parallax Effect will pinpoint out more about the Aesthetic Aspect of the website, there are only certain type of Websites that are most suitable to use this Parallax Effect, such as:

  1. Single Page Website
  2. Creative Agency / Company Profile
  3. Game Design and Developers Company

Other than that, using the Parallax Effect can be quite backfire. Because visitors will be more interested in seeing the animation and the effects than to actually see the Products or Services that are offered in the website. Additionally, Parallax Effect require a highly advance Web Design skills and longer time to develop than regular Websites. 

And Parallax Effect usually cannot be used in Mobile Device and some old Browsers. So for the websites that mainly use the Mobile as the primary interfaces, Parallax Effect is not really recommended. 

Well, still, it is always fun to see some of the unique effects that you can actually see at your websites. 

We have developed a very simple Parallax Scrolling Website that apply the fundamental basic of Parallax Effect. Feel free to take a look!

And for more astonishing effects, have a look at those Award Winning Parallax Websites

Have fun!