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Website Design & Development Process

Website Design & Development Process

Have you ever wondered, why designing and building such a good and outstanding website needs a thorough planning, a bunch of revisions, and in overall, a quite long amount of time? What do actually Web Designers and Developers do? Can they just skip some steps to do it faster?

The answer to that question will be a little tricky. Because, the exact amount of time that will be needed in order to build your website from scratch will be depending on the complexity of the website itself and how much the workload that your hired Web Designers or Developers need to finish it.

But no matter who the Web Developers or the Web Designers are, or whether they are from Indonesia or another country, the processes and steps in building a Website will always stay the same.

Let's check those steps out!


We are very sure that whenever you want to start in making your own websites, your trusted Web Designers and Developers will have a face to face meeting with you. This is a very important and crucial first steps, because in this step, you and  your Web Designers / Developers team will try to analyze every requirements that you need in your website, so that the website that will be built will be suitable with your needs, vision, and most importantly your target visitors. 

In this face to face meeting, there will be a lot discuss about. Some of them including brainstorming about the features that must be included in your website, and also how is the best theme for your websites by looking from other similar references with your line of business. This face to face meeting is also a good chance for us to know more about our Web Designers and Developers expertise and backgrounds, and how convincing and capable they are in fulfilling our expectations. 


After a long meeting at Step 1, the Designers will play the next role, which is designing the exact overall image about how your websites will look like. We usually call it User Interface. Be proactive in this steps, as we as the customers, play the most important role in determining which design and elements that will work with us and mostly with our customers. Just make sure that you already have this agreement before hand about how many revisions that will be provided and how the theme that is offered can be beneficial for both parties.


Once you both have agreed on the User Interface design, it is time for Web Designers to actually apply those design to actually functioning in the browser. They will mostly play with some of the major Web Design Codes, such as HTML, CSS, or Javascript. 

Their aim is to designing the website as close as the Graphic Design that is provided to you earlier, and make sure that the real feel of the website is actually still the same as the design.


The last phase of the development is to adding some programming into it, so that your website can be managed easily by you or your website administrator. Web Development phase will mainly focusing on building a CMS (Content Management System), where you can manage the content of your website through much more simpler interface. Some of the website development might skip this phase if the website is statically build.


And this is the most exciting part, where your website will be finally online in your domain (www.somename.com) and ready to be distributed with any of your potential visitors. Just ensure that your website domain name is unique and can represent your overall business without adding any unnecessary ambiguity in its name, and most importantly, it is easily remembered. Also, make sure that your hosting capacity can support your website needs (such as Storage, Email Account, Bandwidth, etc), Please consult with your Web Developers to find the best hosting that suits your needs.

Seems simple, right? But needless to say, each steps will take quite a decent amount of time.

But hey, everything that is best is always worth to wait, right? :)