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Weakness In Selling Your Products Only Via Social Media

Weakness In Selling Your Products Only Via Social Media

If there is no website or blog available, most of the business owner will choose Social Media to market their products. It is free, and additionally, Social Media will enable us to interact directly with our potential customers. And not to mention Indonesia as one of the country in the world with most Social Media Users, making a Social Media could be one of our choice in marketing our products or services.

But still, there are some weak points that you will face when you entirely depend on Social Media to market your product. 

Here are some points that we should always be aware of.

1. Easily Drowned By Other Posts

This is the very main weakness of using Social Media as your marketing media. Yes, no matter how good or how interesting your products are, Social Media is always an open platform for everyone in this world. And once you post some of your products on your customers wall, it will be soon replaced by any newest posts by others almost immediately (and even some of them are not entirely relatable, which only make things worse). Just imagine, if you lose by other similar products, it could motivate you to do better. But if you lose, just because others post something after you?? It is not entirely exciting, right?

And you really cannot control whom your customers should be friends with too. The more friends they have, then the chance of your posts can be at least seen by your customers will be even smaller.

Some recent Social Media features enable you to add some hashtags, but these things too are very rapidly changing. And the same problems will occur eventually. Your products will be replaced to the bottom of your customers' wall just within a matter of seconds.

2. Social Media Limit Your Potential Customers

How so? Well, one thing for sure, only your friends that can view your posts. So your potential customers will entirely depend on how many friends you have. If you have 1000 friends, then you will only have 1000 potential customers. 

And let's be real. How many of them that you 'really' know? Keep in mind that some people doesn't really feel excited to see any product promo on their wall, especially from someone that they don't know anything about.

3. Hard to Search

Social Media search features are mostly enhanced to find people, not the products or services. So, it is quite hard for your customers to find out more about your products if they only know about the product name. Even they know where to find it, the chance your products will be found by the Searching Engine of the Social Media still relatively small, because it will be mostly combined with any other searches that is more related to people, and not your product.

4. Social Media Content Cannot Be Indexed By Search Engine

Based on the point No. 3, that's why most people prefer to search product by using Search Engine (like Google Search). But here is the irony...

The social media content usually cannot be indexed by search engine, so even though your potential customers find the products, it is a really good chance it is not from your Social Media, but from any other websites.

Some Search Engines have enhanced their searching features to specifically searching for Social Media content (such as Bing).

But let's be honest. Is this feature will be used widely by the customers? Probably not.

Those are some practical weakness that you may find if you use Social Media as your only means of marketing for your Products and Services. It is not entirely useless, but it is not effective as many people think it should be.

In conclusion, having your own website is still one of the best way to efficiently marketing your Products or Services to as many as potential customers that you can. Use Social Media to complement your website's feature, and not the opposite.

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