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Traits Of High Quality Web Designer

Traits Of High Quality Web Designer

How to find a high quality web designer? This question is quite easy yet hard to answer (and even harder to be applied), consiering that there are so many web designer nowadays, and of course, most of them will at least state themselves as the 'high quality' one. (No offense, but it is true). :)

If you start to think to hire a web design service in Indonesia, to finally build your website, then congratulations! You already make the very first crucial step. 

But then, the next important step is to make sure you hire the best and capable one, that is most suitable with your every requirements, conditions, and not to mention: budget. So, it is a MUST for you to at least always keep in mind to what you should look in every web designer or web developers that you want to hire in the future.

1. Good Listener

First things first, always keep in mind that you are the client. And this website is all about you and your business. So, a good web designer or web developer will be always willing to hear what your needs are, what your concerns are, and what your expectations are. There is absolutely never will be a good design that will stand out in every aspects. That's why become a good listener is a very first thing for them to be able to finally build something that can make you proud.

2. Considering Your Needs

Sometimes, there are web designers that start to forget the focus on the website, and instead, they focus more on their aesthetic or principles (which is good, but not always right). Just as the Point No. 1 above, that this website is should be about you, and your web designers or web developers main job is to help you to fulfill your vision.

3. Good Overall Knowledge About Web Technology

Please remember that Web Designers are not just an everyday regular designers. They are specifically designing something for the website. So, it is a must for them to have a good overall knowledge about Web Technology. At least, make sure that they are familiar with some of the most usual possible Web Developers tools, or even better, have a good understanding about the correlation between HTML, CSS, and the Graphic Design. Because let's be blatant. Not all design is possible to be made by HTML CSS. There are always some limitation. And with good overall knowledge about it, the web designers can make a design that can compromise that limitation, but still make it beautiful nonetheless.

4. Terms Familiarity

Good understanding of web technology must be complemented with a good terms familiarity. There are so many terms in Web Design Aspects, such as Responsive Web Design, Layout, Grid, etc, and a high quality web designers will not only know about these terms, but also know the basic appliance for it. Because they will put their hands on directly to the project, not just explaining what these terms' meaning are.

5. Preserve and Keep Improving His / Her Quality

We all know that there is no one that can instantly become incredibly awesome in just a night. So, make sure to have a look at your web designers portfolios first before you even considering to hiring them. It is okay to have a look some of the 'not so good' one in the start, but the most important thing is that you see a perseverance and improvement as the time goes. Because improvement of your website will go continuously. and it will be absolutely handy to have a web designers team that will accompany you along the way to the better version of your website.

So... in short, these are the 5 traits that you have to make sure are in your one of many good traits that your web designers have. 

Remember that, the web designers or the web developers that you will hire will not only act as someone you hire, but also will act as your business and trusted partner to make your website amazing.