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Tips In Choosing The Best Web Developer Service

Tips In Choosing The Best Web Developer Service

There is no valid survey that state the exact numbers of website that are owned by Indonesian people. But nevertheless, it is quite a lot.

It is mainly because of the high internet users in Indonesia, and also the recent trend in having own personal website as a means of personal or business branding. Not to mention, it is also supported by Indonesian Economic environment that rapidly developing during the past several years.

This makes there are so many Web Developer Service that starts to emerge in Indonesian. Starting from a personal small company, until a big digital agency.

Still, the question remains the same.

How do we choose the best Web Developer Service among those all? Considering that each of them has their own unique tastes, styles, and many others. 

Hopefully, we can help you with some of these practical tips!

Personal or Corporate?

For whom that the website will be built? Is it for personal or corporate use?

Personal website may in a some ways, doesn't need as many as features as Corporate Website. Some Web Developer Service that can provide you a Website built on Open Source CMS (Wordpress, Joomla, etc) might quite valuable for the choices. While for Corporate Use, it is highly recommended to hire the Web Developer Service that can provide you with a highly developed Framework and customized CMS. This is to ensure that some customized features are possible to be built in the next future.

Hosting & Server

Hosting & Server are another points that we must highlight when it comes to Web Developing. Choose the Web Developer Service that can offer you a wide range of Hosting & Server specifications and pricing. And more importantly, the one that suits your needs.

For a personal use, we might want to minimum Hosting & Server specification (whereas lower than 1 GB Storage is still quite fine in most cases), while for Corporate use, we might want to consider a medium to large Hosting & Server specification (around higher than 1 GB with quite decent Email Accounts and Bandwidth)

Domain Naming

Domain is another important aspect that we have to consider, because it is the main way that your visitors will find your website through millions of other similar websites in the world. Make sure that your Web Developer Service can provide an transparent domain naming along with its mechanism, so that you can get the best domain name that is closely related to your business.

For Corporate domain (like .co.id), make sure that your Web Developer Service can give you support with the legal documents needed, and of course with a reasonable domain pricing (most of Corporate Domain extension costs higher than the regular one).

After Sales Service

And this by far, the most important yet tricky aspects of every Web Developing Process. 

It is almost impossible to get a 100% perfectly functioning website at the very start of your website launching. There might be some errors that could happen, and some revision that needs to be done in the future. 

Make sure how your Web Developer Service handle any possible problem in the future can give you an ease of mind. There are so many cases where so many clients are eventually disappointed because their website is not fully functioning at the end, yet they cannot further contact their developer for the fixing. In the result, the website is completely neglected and eventually disappear from the internet. A loss in money, time, and more importantly, trust from your potential customers.


Before you finally choose your choice for Web Developer Servicemake sure what is your need and how much your budget will be. 

If your budget is quite limited, it is quite wise to consider the most important feature that will help your customer in navigating the website first, then periodically, develop another features that will relate directly with the business transaction of your website. 

Be proactive in asking your trusted Web Developer Service about your vision, planning, and possible problem that you both might face in the future. This way, you can work out beautifully together, creating a masterpiece of Website that will make you both proud. 

Because in the end, remember. It is not just about choosing the best of the best. But it is also about choosing the one that you can work with to make your success possible. :)