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The Three Musketeers Of Startups

The Three Musketeers Of Startups

Ever heard about the Three Musketeers? Yes! These 3 heroes are widely well known throughout different countries, even continents.

And here is the funny fact. There are also actually “Three Musketeers” in Startups (wait, what??)

Well… one thing for sure, if your business is not about defending the weak and defending the law (literally) or at least military related, we can’t really expect to find those Three Musketeers to wear their hat and bring their swords (although, we must admit, that’s kind of cool to watch).

The “Three Musketeers” here means about the three people that will be in charge for the initial crucial functions for your business, in order for it to grow and expand.

Let’s meet them one by one, then!

1. The Hustler (Main Person in Charge) 

Here comes “The Hustler”! The one that will be responsible to make sure that the main activities or the core values of the business will run well. In most professional or formal organization, we might know The Hustler as the CEO (Chief Executive Officer). And most of the time, we as the main founder of the business will (have to) act as The Hustler.

Some of the crucial function of The Hustler are :

  • To define the main vision and missions of the business
  • To recruit a solid and dedicated team for the business
  • To ensure the customer’s satisfactions are fulfilled

In short, The Hustler will take charge in the most front line, especially for the Startups, and will become the official representative about the Startup itself.

So, if you are The Hustler… Keep your head high, move forward with integrity, and impress your clients / customers!


2. The Hipster (Designer)

A little bit eccentric, with some additional of narcissistic, combined with a true sense of… abstract beauty? Well…. You might have found “The Hipster” then! Or in some easier and more general way, we might call them as a Designer.

The Hipster will play a vital role to define your Business “Visual Identity”. Starting up from your Business Logo that could represent the vision defined by The Hustler, up to your Product Visual Identity, with some additional of the marketing medias (banner, flyer, just name it). Oh, and don’t forget some of those cool photos of your business activities and venues that will impress your customers and clients throughout your social media!

Don’t be doubtful by their taste of art. Believe in their ability to make your business become more visually attractive (and maybe you can even learn some taste of art from them).

3. The Hacker (Technology Expert)

Socially awkward, highly intellectual, with an amazing flexible fingers dancing around the computer keyboard and mysterious aura that draws (or sometimes pushes) people around them. That’s what “The Hacker” is!  

Okay… a little bit correction here. They will not crash or hack into government or banking system to give you some quick rich scheme (sadly). But “The Hacker” is someone that you could count on when it comes into the technology. Especially, in this modern era, where almost all of the Business start to go online with the usage of various technology, “The Hacker” role will help your business tremendously to be able to compete in it.

Want to make sure your business can be searched through internet?

Want to develop some interesting online business system for your clients or customers in order to attract them to use your products?

Or… you simply want to develop those technology products?

Consult it with “The Hacker”, see their fingers dancing on the keyboard for some times (with some cups of coffee during the night), and be amazed by their results!

So… those are the Three Musketeers that will play a vital role for your Startup business. Remember that no matter what kind of business that you will run to, it is really important to find your own dream team that could help you in expanding your business together.

If you haven’t found some of the musketeers, don’t be discouraged! As The Hustler, keep your mind open, keep expanding your networking, find your other Musketeers, and start now!