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The Importance Of Website Content

The Importance Of Website Content

What is the most important aspect of a website (besides its layout and functionality of course)?

Yes, it is its content! No matter how fancy, how sophisticated, or how eye catching your websites are, once the content is irrelevant with what your visitors are looking for, it is done (for real). Most Web Designer or Web Developers might aware to this aspect (theoretically), but for the appliance, it is you who are in charge!

But before that, it is best for us to at least know what makes our website's content so important? Let us see some of them!


Once your trusted web designer or web developer has done developing your website, their job is technically done. But remember, the website itself is just a media. It will stay still (if it is beautiful, you can say it will stay still beautifully in this place). Of course it is such a waste to just let it stay to its place without all people in this world know about its beauty right?

But beauty only hold the first impression, while its important to make other people feel attached to your website through its essence (just like you are attracted to someone that is beautiful, but a no brainer). It will last in a very short amount of time, right?

So, make sure that your website has its own beauty and 'brain' with its highly relevant, informational, and useful content to all of your audience. Surely, they will fall in love with your website and come back again!

2. SEO

Some of you might ask, "Isn't it easier to just put the image with words into the website?"

The bad news is, images cannot be indexed by Search Engine. Yes, Search Engine here means like Google, Yahoo, etc. You might also familiar with the terms SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 

With the help of Search Engine, your website will be found by your potential customers much more easily. But how can we do that?

Writing the high quality content of course! And because the image is not possible, we must use the text. That's why your website content should be always providing an useful information with intriguing and easy to digest text. Moreover, it is even better if you can target some of the most crucial keywords for your customer to find you more easily through the Search Engine.


Name any big website out there that you find it only a Single Page or never update since many times ago. We are quite sure you can't! It is impossible!

Because to be a big website, than your website must be able to attract as many as visitors from all around the world. And of course, without something new in your website, they will not come back.

So, update your content periodically to make sure your visitors always curious to know what new information that your website will give to them.

In Indonesia, there are so many Web Designers or Web Developers, but we can say there are only a quite few Web Content Writers. Because there is no exact parameters, no exact formula, and even worst, no exact result that you can see right away.

But, never give up nonetheless! As long as your are sincere in sharing a good knowledge to your every visitors out there, even you can't find the one, you can be the one!