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The Importance Of CMS For Your Website

The Importance Of CMS For Your Website

Have you ever heard about CMS (Content Management System)? What comes into your mind when you hear that terms?

For you who are quite familiar with Websites, you might ever heard about Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, and many others. Those are some of the CMS (Content Management System) examples.

The real question is: What is the benefit of having CMS for your website? Is it mandatory? What is the main difference between a website with or without CMS?

Let us see further!

1. What is CMS?

CMS stands for Content Management System. Simply said, we can define CMS as a system that enable us to update the website content EASILY, which means:

  • We can know exactly What can be changed
  • We can know How to do it
  • It is usable by common people (who doesn't have any technical skills in terms of Website Development)

For examples, you can try some of these steps:

  • Open one of any website that you know, then try to click Ctrl + U (or Right Click > View Page Source)
  • You will see hundreds or thousands line of code that which actually is generating the page that you are looking right now. Literally, when you want to make a change at a specific part of a website, you need to Change some of those codes in the right parts
  • Which means, you have to have knowledge in each codes' function in there.

Can you imagine how hard it is? If you are a Website Designer or Developer, you might not have any problem. But if you are not, then what should you do?

And here is where CMS will play important role. With the usage of CMS, you can directly change those codes easily, without you even need to see those codes. :)

2. Then, is having CMS mandatory?

It is not Mandatory, but it is IMPORTANT. Because it will enable you to update your website easily.

For example, when you want to change the description of one of your news in your website, you have to deal with the specific news pages that you want to change, and then look for the codes that build your news description. And then change it.

But with CMS, all you need to do is to select that news, and change the description as simple as typing something using your Word Processor. Easy, right?

3. What kind of website that should have CMS?

We suggest that all websites should have CMS, considering all of the benefits that we will get by using it:

  • We can update the website periodically easily
  • All of the website content record will be stored more neatly (especially for Lists Pages, like Portfolio Lists, Products Lists, or Users Lists)

But there are some website types that 100% definitely must have CMS:

  • Portal Website (for periodic article update, users' comments, users' accounts, etc)
  • Product Catalog Website (for periodic product management)
  • Online Shop Website (for periodic product management, users' accounts, orders management, etc)
  • Other types of website that require the record of all kinds of interaction between the visitors and the website (tour & travel website, e-learning website, online registration website, etc)

4. Okay, got it. So... How can I develop the CMS?

To develop a CMS, you can use any Open Source CMS available (such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, etc). These CMS are quite capable in supporting you in developing a low to middle scale website (Company Profile or Personal Website). Or you can also use Online Shop Specific CMS (like Prestashop or Magento).

You can also develop your own CMS that is fully customized based on your website needs, but it will require a good and thorough Website Design & Programming Skills.

For you who want to have a website with an elegant design, supported with high quality and easy to use CMS, we are ready to help Just call us at +62 858 9081 2211 and consult your website needs with us!