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Some Interesting Facts About Web Design

Some Interesting Facts About Web Design

Are you satisfied or maybe even feel awful to see your own website design?

Then it is a must for you to know some of these interesting facts about website design. 

You might think "What is the big deal about it??" Well, it is a big deal! Especially if you are aiming to be one of the best of the best Web Designer or Web Developer in Indonesia (just like us, hopefully in the future) :)

There are some differences, some tricks, some "pit hole" and even blind spots here and there. 

Don't worry because we have summarized some of the "must known" facts for all of the web designers out there.

1. Websites Are Processed Differently By Different Browsers

Your website might appear quite delightful and perfect in Google Chrome, just as same as when you display it on your Iphone's Safari. But still, there are some good possibility that it will be displayed quite different in Internet Explorer, Opera, or Mozilla. There is nothing wrong with that! It is simply because each browser has their own unique way in translating the code of your website design. Some features that are enabled in certain browsers may not be supported in another browsers, vice versa. And this will be highly possible to make your website design appear a little different across another browsers. 

That's why it is good to have an 'Universal Standard' in your web design code. Make sure that most of your code (preferably more than 90% of all of it) are cross browsing supports. That way, only a really small portion of your website that will be displayed differently.
Nothing is perfect, that is true. But minimizing this "pit hole" is a really good start to make sure your web design career will still be on track.

2. Determine Which Part Of The Website That Will Be Seen More Often

Internet sure has changed the way we look at the world (for real). Based on Nielson Normal Group Research, most successful website always put their most crucial or important content in the most first part of the website. It is quite make sense, considering that no matter how sophisticated or how astonishing your website design is, customers always already have something in their mind what they are looking for (and hope to find the answer in your website as soon as possible). So a good website design must able to pinpoint the crucial information in the most first part of the website, or even if it is not possible, give it some stand out design to make sure it can be seen and found easily by the customers.

3. Website Lifespan: 2 Years Old is OLD!

Well, this is quite interesting. Because some of the survey said that if your website is still static and doesn't have any design update for 2 years straight, then your website is officialy an 'OLD WEBSITE'. It is not about the aesthetic side, but more on the consumer behaviors and the rapid changing in web - customer interactions. Some design update or even an additional feature is a really good way to ensure that your website is always fresh and young!

4. Avoid Template If You Go Into "Fully Customized" Mode

This is one of the most common "Pit Hole" that most Web Designers and Web Developers (Indonesia is no exception) always do. 

Using template can make your design and development process much much faster. Yes it is true!

But when you go into a fully customized website, template is a really something that you should avoid at all costs.

Because most of the website template has so many features (and let's be honest, most of them will not be used anyway), has their own starting styling (which consists of multiple files and thousand codes), and not to mention the programming code that sometimes can be confusing in some ways (not confusing, simply because it is not the one that you make yourself). So, customizing it will take so much time (and even longer then you make it from scratch). And sometimes along the way, you might find that some of the template codes limit your creativity or even clash with one another.

5. Videos Are Double Edged Sword

Videos are good. Too many videos in one single page?? It is a nightmare.

Yes it is true that nowadays, most customers are more comfortable and engaged to view a motion graphic then some just static image.

But if your website is not a Video Player Website (like Youtube), adding a video will take quite resources and bandwidth of the internet, which in result, can make your website page load speed become slower. One or two videos are fine. But put it too many, and the page sometimes will freeze until some seconds before it starts to load.

Now, what will happen when your customers see a freezing page, without nothing in it? They will leave and never come back.

So, please always keep in mind to adding a video in your website. Adding it in a considerable amount, and even better to use the external player (like Youtube Embedded) is a really good way to make sure your videos complementing your website (and not destroy it).

6. Web Design Fee Has a Very Wide Range

How much is too less? And how much is too much? There is no definite answer to this question.

In Indonesia, we have so many Web Design and Web Developer agency that can provide your with tons and various designs with even tons and various Web Design and Development fee. 

For a very rough range, we can say that it can cost start from Rp 3 million to Rp 50 million depending on how much your website pages are, how details your website design will be, and how customized your websites design and features will be.

There are some points that you should understand if you happen to choose the Web Design career in Indonesia. 

One additional important thing is that always remember we are an artist but also a designer. We have our own creativity but we must be able to channel it in accordance with the clients needs and requirements.

Keep improving your website design nonetheless, and make sure you always aim to be a high quality web designers, because just like as any other professions, web design is a professional job that needs continuous learning, trial and error, and most importantly persistence. :)