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Single Page Website - New Trend In Website Layout

Website Halaman Tunggal - Trend Terbaru Desain Website

Nowadays, you can commonly find a website that consists of many pages. But, have you ever seen a website that only consists one single page?

If you have seen that, then it means that you have seen one of the recent trend of the website layout (and which nowadays are more becoming commonly used). We can call this website Single Page Website, which just like it's name states, this website only consists one single page (Home) with its usual long down scrolling and vivid separation of each information segments in it.

This trend started to become more common since the mobile device usage era, where users nowadays are more comfortable in doing long down scrolling the website, comparing to zoom in and zoom out. In general, this Single Page Website is quite suitable in case:

  1. You want to have a Personal Website or Company Profile website in simplest way as possible
  2. Your business field mainly focusing on Creative Service (such as Graphic Design, Video, Animation, etc)
  3. You want to highlight your personal or business Portfolios than the website profile itself
  4. You want to highlight the simplicity experience for your visitors, considering that they can directly see all of your website information in one page opening

As one of the leading Web Design & Developer Service in Indonesia, we are proud to be able to develop many kinds of Single Page Website for our clients and partners. And for you who are interested in having your own Single Page Website, please feel free to Consult It with us! :)