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Online Business Tips For Beginner

Online Business Tips For Beginner

How do we do the Online Business? Is it hard or easy? Does it need big or just small capital? Is it worth to have an Online Business?

Well, we may have many of these and other questions whenever we want to start our own Online Business.

That's why in this article, we will try to give you some tips in maintaining your Online Business, in hope that it can help us all in expanding our business.

Before that, we should have thorough comprehension first about Online Business. 

What is Online Business?

Online Business is a sell and buy activity that is done via the usage of internet. As simple as that!

Which means that Online Business essentially is how we make money by using our internet connection, whether it is using our Social Media (like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc), Marketplace (Tokopedia, Bukalapak, etc), and many more.

So in general, when we are able to make some profit by using our internet connection, literally, we have already done our Online Business!

Type of Online Business

In general, there are 2 types of Online Business: Selling Products / Services and Writing

Selling Products / Services literally means that we exchange our products or our expertise for our customer in amount of fee or money.

Writing is a type of online business that demands us to have a writing media, for example a Fans Page or Blog. But still, it is recommended to have the media in our own personal Blog or website. This Online Business will usually involve Third Party which will pay us based on the amount of actions that customers do when they visitting our media (like Clicking The Ads, Reading a Review, etc).

How to Start Online Business

Step 1

  • Make our own promotion media, like Fans Page, Blog, or even our own personal website

Step 2

  • Start to make the content detail or the product / service details that we will offer to our customer

Step 3

  • Promote it to every platform available, like asking your friend, contact your networking relations / acquaintance, using the Online Ads, etc

Step 4

  • Give our best service to every of our customers

Step 5

  • Keep learning and updated about the latest trend of the Online Business. It is highly recommended to also attend any related Online Business Seminars available in our area

How to Do The Online Business

There are so many things and alternatives that we can use in order to do our Online Business in the best way as possible. Here in this article, we would like to highlight two of the most widely used in Online Business.

1. Using Your Social Media

Try to reduce your time in just stalking your friends or crush in Social Media. It is time for something more beneficial!

1. Make a Fans Page

Make your own Fans Page that is widely searched by the Internet Users, like the Entertainment, Business Info, Sports, Film, Pets, Health, etc.

A fans page with a world wide theme will surely attract many of the potential customers!

2. Make Your Fans Page Famous!

Keep updating regularly about the latest trend of your chosen theme. Build the personal interaction with each of your Fans Page liker. Aim to have hundreds or even thousands of likers to your Fans Page. 

Some things that you can try in order to increase your Fans Page liker are:

  • Using the Social Media Ads available
  • Join with other Fans Page with similar theme
  • And of course, promote your fans page to everyone! :)

3. Monetize It!

This is the ultimate goal! Time to make some legit money from your fans page. You can try to sell some products (whether it is our own creation or dropshipped) or you can also be the affiliate marketer of the big company website (like Amazon, Ebay, Lazada, etc). 

2. Using Your Blog

There are also many Online Business methods that you can try by using Blog. In here we will explain about two of the most famous one:

1) Online Marketer

Step 1: Define a certain product (usable goods) or service (like Web Design Service, Property Broker, etc) that you want to sell

Step 2: Promote it to any Marketplace, Ads, or Social Media Forum

Step 3Make your own website that is already optimized at Search Engine (SEO) and you will get hundreds or even thousands visitors per day with high chance of transaction!

2) Click Seller (PPC)

Step 1: Make your own personal blog

Step 2: Fill your blog with a high quality content or story that is widely searched by internet users

Step 3: Do it regularly until your blog has a quite good visitors traffic (like 1000 unique visitors per day)

Step 4: Join the Pay Per Click Company that will ask you to put their ads into your Blog. And you will get paid for every visitors that click those ads!

Sounds easy, right?

But of course it is not that easy. Doing Online Business is just like doing a real business. It will need a persistence, time, and endless improvement. Just believe that your hard work will never betray the result! :)