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Knowing Your Website Layout

Knowing Your Website Layout

High Quality website is not only determined by its contents, but also determined by its design or presentation. Website Design, in a way, will very much depending on Font Type, Color Variations, Spacing, and other elements that are used. And more importantly, it will heavily depend on its LAYOUT.

Do you know that a specific Layout Type of website has its own advantages and disadvantages comparing to the others? Then, what kind of layout that will suit you best? 

Here we will try to explain some of them.


Fixed Layout is 'Pre Defined' Layout, which means that the width of the website will be defined beforehand (usually in a 'px'). This layout is quite common to be found in the early age of the website, as it is the easiest to be applied by any of Web Designer of any level. But today, it is quite uncommon to see the website that still use this kind of layout.

ADVANTAGE: easier and faster to be created, because usually, it will only depend on the width of the device used when creating this design

DISADVANTAGE: layout cannot be adjusted to the different width of different devices, thus make this type of layout is not suitable to be accessed from Mobile Device (where the users have to 'Zoom In' and 'Zoom Out', or Scrolling to left and right to see the overall content of the website).


Fluid Layout is a 'Flexible' layout type, where the width of the website will use the PERCENTAGE (%). Thus make it quite flexible to be accessed in different kinds of devices. Nowadays, it is quite uncommon too to find the website that uses this layout type, and it is usually used in Website's Backend Site.

ADVANTAGE: more flexible comparing to the Fixed Layout Type, because each of the elements' width does not have to be measured specifically.

DISADVANTAGE: still not really suitable for the website that is accessed through mobile device, considering that the layout will be in a way 'forced' to fit into the width of the device. Thus sometimes making some of the elements' unreadable or too small to be viewed using Mobile Device.


Adaptive layout is a Fixed Layout Type that is created in multiple version for multiple devices width variations (commonly will be divided into Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone width). We can find this kind of layout if there is a other version of website URL when we try to access their default URL on our Tablet or Mobile Phone (for example: http://m.domainname.com). This layout will determine which device that users use in accessing the website, then will redirect the users to other most suitable version of the website based on the device that is currenly used. 

ADVANTAGE: able to accomodate mobile device view and generally, website layout can be viewed much clearer and convenienty.

DISADVANTAGE: takes much longer time in developing the website, considering this kind of layout usually will require at least 3 different kinds of layouts (for Computer, Tablet, and Smartphone).


Responsive Layout is the latest website layout type that is widely used by now. This layout combine the Fluid Layout (using the Percentage for its width) and Adaptive Layout (show different kinds of layout based on the device that is currently used). Responsive layout is quite suitable for almost all kinds of website, considering its high flexibility and able to accomodate wide variety of device's width.

ADVANTAGE: high flexibility and able to accomodate wide variety of device's width, because its fluid width and adaptive layout.

DISADVANTAGE: responsive layout is the hardest to make comparing to the other 3 layout types and requires high understanding of website design principles.

So... If you already have a website, which kind of layout that your website use now? 

Personally, we always recommend Responsive Layout Website considering its high flexibility and usable in many kinds of devices. Additionally, your website can reach more visitors and create better user experiences, which will improve your chance to promote your products or business through your website more.

As one of the Indonesia Web Design & Developer provider, we will be always ready to help you in creating this kind of website, which is not only responsive, but also have its own unique touch and elegant based on your needs and requirements. Please feel free to Contact Us for further information! :)