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Keeping Your Sanity In The Workplace

Keeping Your Sanity In The Workplace

Feeling stressful in your workplace? Or even worst… you are at the edge of your sanity and feel like to punch whoever that pass by in front of you??

We really know how you feel (most of us had been there too… sadly).

Working is indeed, sometimes could be stressful. But it is something that must be done for whatever reasons we have. To pay our bill, to keep the food on our table, to get that dream vacation, etc. And no matter what kind of job you have (including the Website Development profession like us), sometimes the stressful atmosphere in your workplace can make you eventually start to question your sanity level.

But let’s be real. We need to do the job eventually. So… why don’t we try to find a way to keep our sanity in check every time we are in the workplace?

You’re starting to wondering the question “How”?

Worry not! Let’s check some of these tips!

1. Helping with your colleagues’ job

“It’s your job, not mine!” Has one of your colleague said that to you? (Or maybe you were the one who said it?).

Well… while it’s true that everyone was busy with their own job description, you will be surprised when you hold your tongue a little bit, and try to help them if you can (and of course, as long as it doesn’t interfere too much with your own job). Believe it, that you will feel an amazing feeling. 

Because although we are working, we are still human (and so do our colleagues), and helping them will always give us a huge proud feeling of ourselves. In addition, you also will make a really great impressions to your colleagues. You will become more popular, and without you even know it, they will help you in times of your difficulty too.

So… when they ask for your help, just do what you can to help them!



2. Manage your working time effectively

Working overtime is suck (when it isn’t anyway?) That’s why you must avoid it as much as possible. Of course, by ensuring that all of your daily tasks and deadlines could be finished on time. That’s why managing your working time effectively is the best way to do it.

It might be quite tempting to just procrastinate your job, or having a look at Youtube for a while, or chatting and gossiping about other colleagues with your trusted colleague (highly NOT RECOMMENDED!). Still, all of those activities will waste some of your precious work time, and thus, you might get to work overtime (or at least, more often than not).

So… hold the temptation for a while, focus on your job, and finish it as soon as possible. Don’t worry. Your colleagues will wait for you at the end of the office hour.



3. Switch out from the “Work Mode” as soon as you have finished for the  day

Feeling tired after a full day of work, yet all you can think about, even after you have arrived at your lovely home is all about the previous emails you have to reply?

Be aware! That means that you are still in the “Work Mode”.

Remember that your time to work has done for today. It’s time to be a little bit “selfish” (rhetorically) and taking some “me” time. Find something fun to do after you work, or be connected with your loved ones. Don’t worry. You will have an entire day tomorrow to switch back to your “working mode”!



4. Look for a new challenge

It’s funny that sometimes we want an easy job, but yet, get boring with the routines, and eventually become stressful. It’s a definite sign to look for a new challenge then!

Take that project who seems “a little bit impossible” to be done. Talk to that client who is “hard to be approached”. Or taking initiative to propose a new project to your boss (why not?)

Because as human, we have this instinct called “survival” that will make us think a little bit deeper, and work a little bit harder. Who knows that you could end with some promotions after you have overcome those new projects! (and some good self satisfaction feeling too).

Those are some practical tips in how to keep your sanity in check in your workplace. Remember that in your lifespan, working might take more than 30% of all of your time in this world. So it’s totally up to you in how to make it counts, fun, and more importantly, enjoyable to be done!