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Important Reasons To Have Your Own Website ASAP

5 Important Reasons To Have Your Own Website ASAP

Hi all!

It is already 2019, but you still use the most conventional media to promote your business? (physical banner, advertising, etc).

Ever wondering whether having your own website is really worth it? 

We, as experienced Web Designer and Web Developer team in Indonesia really recommend you to have one ASAP!

Not because we would love to help you as our client (though if you are consider us as your trusted Web Designer Partners is the best thing that we hope). :)

But because it is simply really important to have your own website, as soon as possible, this day, right now.

These are why:

1. Your Competitor Already Own a Website

To be successful in business, we all have to struggle and constantly compete with many other similar competitors. If your competitor already own a website, they already one (or even hundred steps) ahead of you, because that means they are already planning to invest in long term in digital market and global potential reach.

Still doubting it? Try to search a keyword or product related to your business or services in Google Search. And you will be surprised about how many websites out there which are your competitors.

So, time to step up your game and having your own now, so that you can be one of them in the Google Search!

2. Website is a Global Online Catalogue for Your Business

Good business is always a scalable business. No businessman want to forever stuck in the same and constant level. We always want to expand our business to highest potential, which is Global.

And website is a really a Global Platform (no kidding). By having your own website, that means you already land your first step into the Global Market. 

And to finally actually reach a global level are the next hundreds steps. 

Buy hey, we already start the first step. And proverb says that "Every Journey begins with the first step".

So... start now!

3. Increase Your Business Professionalism

Some of your customers might more impressed and trust your business professionalism when they know you have the official website for your business, instead of just a single name card that easily thrown away or slipped in somewhere.

Your customers always need a trusted vendor, a trusted partner, or a trusted supplier for any of their needs.

And if a good Web Design of your Website can ease their mind about this, it is really worth to invest on it now!

4. Promote Your Business in The Fastest Way

Millions of internet visitors always searching for something in the Search Engine (and of course, there are good chances thousands of them are actually looking for your line of business or services).

But still, instead of finding your business in the Google Search, they find your competitors. That's when you have to aware and see the red flag here.

No matter how big your business is, Search Engine only indexing the official website that has the legitimate domain names and hosting.

And nowadays, more and more people feel more ease to find something from Search Engine.

If you wait any longer, it can be your loss any sooner.

So these are the reasons why you need your website NOW! Not later, not maybe. Right here and now.

Contact your trusted Web Designers and Web Developers team in Indonesia. And prepare to reach the global market soon.

While it's never too late too learn, it might be too late for you.

So, act fast. Get your website now, and be amazed how high your business can soar with it! :)