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How Search Engine Works In SEO Process

How Search Engine Works In SEO Process

There are millions of websites out there. And yet, only some of them (we could call them as The Champions) that can get the top 10 Ranks in Search Engine. We usually call them as the 'SEO' (Search Engine Optimized) Websites.

How can only some of the websites that counted as the 'Best One' among the millions of other similar websites? Considering that each of the website has its own unique design and features, that of course, are all developed by experienced Web Design and Developers team all over the world...

The simple answer to that is we have to know 'How Actually The Search Engine Works' first.

So, to put it simply, there are 2 mains function of a Search Engine, no matter what type of the Search Engine is:

1. crawling

2. indexing

And really, this 2 functions are more than enough for the Search Engine to know which websites are the 'Best of the Best' :)

Imagine our Internet World as a very huge city that has so many transportation routes and the 'Bus Stop' within it. In every Bus Station, there is a complete information about the Bus (in this case, your 'Website'), such as our Web Pages, Images, PDF Files, Audios, Videos, and many others.

Search Engine will be Crawling to every single Bus Stop to know what kind of Websites that you have built.

After the Crawling, Search Engine will obtain billions of new information from millions of Bus Stops. Simply put, all of this information will be stored in a Hard Drive located in every Servers in different countries (usually the nearest from where the Bus Stops are located, which in this case, your Hosting location). All of this data will be stored using a very high technical methods, which will be later fetched again to answer the keyword that will be searched by Search Engine Visitors.

And how are the results will be displayed?

Of course, it will be displayed always by the most relevant answers.

For example, if someone search for a Beauty Products, and your websites main products are Vehicle Spare Parts, your website is for sure will not be displayed, because it is not relevant at all.

But what if your website main products are actually a Beauty Products? Your website will for sure be displayed.

But the main question is: In which ranks?

The more relevant your products and website's contents is with what the visitors searched, there will be a bigger possibility that your websites will be displayed in a quite decent rank.

But if not... Well, we can't hope too much for our website to appear in even the Biggest 100 ranks. (and not to mention, almost all of the Search Engine Visitors will only look from the 1st to 10th Ranks in the Google Search).

So... How can we make our websites will be displayed in the upper ranks? The answer is simple. Make it the most relevant website among other similar websites?

But how to achieve that is the one that actually a real work. :)

Still, never give up to provide the useful information to every of your visitors about your products and services.

And of course, always improve your Websites Features by refining your Web Design or adding another useful Features.

After all, while it will always take some times for your visitors to finally find you in the Search Engine, it will always worthy to make your website stand out from the others in one way or another. 

Keep up the Optimizing!