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Easy Way To Increase Your Website's Visitors

Easy Way To Increase Your Website's Visitors

Most website owners always have a primary goal: To increase their website's visitors. 

But the problem is always the same: 'How'?

Because simply, the success of the website will be very much determined by how high your website traffic is. The higher your website traffic, the more potential customers that you will get and also higher chance to turn them into your customers or even loyal customers.

Still, the question will always remains: 'How do we do that?'

Simply put, there are 2 general ways: FREE and PAID

And because most people like free things, in this article, we will try to look at some of these FREE Tips. :)

1. Register Your Website to Search Engine

If your Web Designer and Web Developer team has finished and launched your website, of course the very first thing to do is to make sure your website is registered to the Search Engine. This is to ensure that Search Engine 'knows' that your website exists first.

Make sure you have registered your website to at least some of the major Search Engine in the world, such as Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

Each Search Engine will usually provide some of the simple ways how to register your website to theirs. 

2. Share Your Website URL to Your Social Medias

Instead of using your social medias to just scroll your friends' status, how about using it to promote your business? 

Most Social Medias already enable you to update a status or share some URL's in your walls, so that it can be seen by all of your friends.

Utilize it, and share your website URL to your Social Media! You can be surprises how many of your friends that will be quite interested to visit your Website (and who knows, that your friends can be eventually your loyal customers too).

3. Share it On Open Forum

For you who like to use an Open Forum, like Kaskusit can be a great platform to gain network and also share your website URL to your network, acquaintance, or friends in that Forum. 

A little difference from Social Media is that, most people in the Forum are strangers to each other, but they will see your posts nonetheless.

So, instead of just share your website URL blatantly, try to post some intriguing or interesting article, and relate it to your website. This way, even strangers will visit your website in no time!

4. Optimize Your Website (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been always one of the major business, addition in Web Design and Web Development, which focusing to optimize your Website, so that it can be presented in Search Engine in the most top rank (1st rank is the best result).

There are so many different ways to optimize your website and unfortunately, this SEO activity will usually take a quite long time and duration (and also efforts). If you are familiar with SEO, you can try to do some optimize to your website personally, or you can always hire an additional team of SEO Experts to help you.

Those are some of the practical tips to increase your website visitors.

Remember that no matter how astonishing your website is, it is still just a promotion media. So, it is always up to us how to present it effectively so that your website can be your silver bullet in achieving your business success!