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Do I Really Need Website?

Do I Really Need Website

You might often ask this question to yourself. Do I really need a website? How effective will it be?

And not to mention that, sometimes the price that you have to pay to hire a good Indonesian Web Design or Developer can cause you to eventually give up to this idea forever.

It is perfectly normal, considering our society is not entirely familiar with the Advance of Technology (some people even doesn't know what website is). But here in this article, we will try to answer some of your questions and hopefully, can help you in making the final decision in having your own website.

If you ask 'MUST OR NOT', we will confidently say that it is entirely UP TO YOU.

But we would say that 'YOU SHOULD' have one. Because having your own website will give you so many advantages, not only to promote your business (if you are a business owner), but also Provide Information for your potential customers or clients. Isn't it make sense that once your customers have found the information that they are looking for in your website, then they might be interested to buy your product? Just as wise words say 'Love comes from knowing' :)

Here, we will try to explain why we recommend you to have your own website, whether it is for your business or your personal needs.

1. Website is the ONLY Digital Promotion Media That Will Last 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week, Without Place and Time Limitation 

You agree, right? Because once you have your own website with your own domain, it can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime as long as there is an internet connection. Comparing to the other traditional promotion media, like Paper Poster that can be damaged any time because of the weather, Flyer that can be thrown away accidentally, or Billboard that have extremely high cost but can only be seen in one specific place. 

Now comparing all of them to the website that you can get with much cheaper price, can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, anytime. Which one that you will choose?

2. Do Not Affected by Having a Website is A Waste of Money

Because it is NOT. We know you might be hearing many complaints from your friends, relatives, or partners, that already have website, but don't feel any benefit from having it. First, we have to know WHY that happen and try to analyze the cause first before deciding whether to agree or disagree with their opinion

Does Their Website Already Have Good Website Design?

Just like in previous article that shows how website design plays crucial role in building your customers' trust to your business or product. It is possible that their website doesn't meet those criteria, which in the end, cannot encourage their visitors to buy or even trust their product quality.

Does Their Website Already Up to Date?

There are so many website owners that just neglect their website just like in the first condition when their website is made for the first time. This is surely not an effective way, because visitors will always expect that there are something new to experience when they visit your website. Imagine if you always see the same things over and over again. You might get bored and finally decide to leave it, right? So, make sure that your website is always up to date!

3. Don't Forget To Promote Your Own Website

One key thing to remember is that your website IS NOT THE ONLY WEBSITE in the world. Your webite might have the most advance or astonishing design in Indonesia. But... there are millions of websites that might have similar business or product line with yours (and sometimes, eventually customers will only choose the very first one website that they have seen). That's why as the owner of the website, we have to be always proactive in promoting our website to our potential or loyal customers. We can promote it through social medias, or simply just telling them directly to visit our website. Remember that more visitors means that more chance to get customers from it. The other one is by applying the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to your website. Hopefully, we will discuss about this SEO in our next upcoming articles. :)

In general, having your own website as your promotion tools in the internet, is one of the most Important and Effective step that you have to consider right now.

One thing that we should always remember, that no matter how good our website is, its effectiveness will eventually depend on how effective we can maintain, utilize, and optimize it. Have your own website with its own unique design, always up to date, and keep promote it. 

And at the end, we are sure that your website will start to give you the results more than you expected! :)