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Creating A Website: Prepare These 8 Things First!

Creating A Website: Prepare These 8 Things First!

What do you need to prepare before starting to create your own website?

Here are some tips and things that we provide to you in hope that it can help you in preparing in creating your own website. All of them are mostly just some simple things. :)

Step 1: Determine The Objectives of Your Website

What is your objective in creating your own website? Is it to gather more potential customers for your business? Or to providing better services for your customers through online features and services? Or even to market and do the campaign for your new products?

Whatever what your objective is, make sure that you can define it clearly. The objective of website will play important role in determining what your design will be look like, what content needs to be filled, and also what kinds of features that need to be included in the website.

Step 2: Determine Your Website Visitors Target

If you aim to increase your potential customers through website, then you have also to define the characteristics of your potential visitors, their behavior, and how they interact with the online system and the websites in general.

Step 3: Determine Your Website Content

Website content should be able to encourage as many as potential visitors and change them into a loyal customer or doing the actions that we aim them to do by browsing our website.
For example, if you want to market one specific product, you might think to build a particular page or even website just to explain this product. It might sound correct, but in the other hand, visitors might find this website is too plain, boring, pressing heavy marketing, and in result, just encourage little to none intriguing message to them to buy or even considering the product for their needs.

Step 4: Define The Actions That You Want To Encourage To Your Website Visitors

What do you want for them to do once they visit your website? To buy your product? To register their personal data to the website? To share your website content to their own social media? Whatever it is, it will be related on your primary objectives in creating your website in the first place.

Step 5: Define The Technology That Will Be Used

The advance of technology has a great impact in changing the online consumers' daily behavior. You might already heard that nowadays, most people access the website via their mobile devices. And your website might as well can accommodate that.

Responsive website is the most widely website styled used nowadays. So, it is a MUST for you to have a responsive website. :)

Step 6: Define The Marketing Strategy

Website itself cannot invite customers. You have to maximize its usage so it can attract more visitors!

First is to make the most suitable content for your visitors. It may takes time until your website will be considered 'worthy' by Google (this is what we usually call by Search Engine Optimization / SEO)

Second, you might also want to consider in using the Online Advertising. You can place your website on the top of Google Search or your Social Media.

Step 7: Define The Maintenance Team

How many people and how is the specialization will be divided into? It all depends on your website Business Line and objectives. 

For example, E-Commerce Website team will be quite different comparing to the News Portal Website. E-Commerce might need Customer Services, Product Management Team, and Invoice Team. While News Portal might need Content Writer, Content Editor, and Graphic Designers.

Step 8: Define The Website Budget

To make a high quality website design and content, it is not a surprise that you need the professional to get things done. To build a complex online system, you will need an experienced Website Programmers. To build a stunning website design, you will need a highly creative Website Designers. And to create a high quality content, you will need a shart Content Writer.

All will come into your budget consideration. Not to mention the operational and maintenance cost that you might need to spend monthly or yearly (for your team salary, domain & hosting maintenance, and also marketing budget).

These steps are crucial for you to prepare before creating your own website. More important that that, make sure you have the right  Web Developer Service that is willing to help you in making your vision comes true.

It might a little hard at the first, but just believe that it will be worth at the end! :)