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5 Tips To Reach Financial Success

5 Tips To Reach Financial Success

To be a successful person?? It is truly a dream of everyone in the world.

Well, it is not uncommon knowledge that many people will have their own way and journey in stepping the ladder to their desired version of "success".

But one thing for sure, is that it is NOT IMPOSSIBLE at all. With the right mindset and the right working pattern, reaching a success, especially in our relatively young age is not just a mere dream. It is reachable. It is feasible. It is POSSIBLE!

But.. how? 

While there are so many factors that might affect our journey in reaching that golden era, we could try to always apply these 5 practical tips to ensure that we are always in the right track to reach that.

1. Focusing in Improving Our Income

Many people (unfortunately youngsters) have this "weird" mindset that being successful related to bigger and better cars and clothes. Too bad folks, that all of them are WRONG!

The first and the foremost indicator that we are on the right track in becoming a successful person is actually not how much that we could spend, but how much we could GAIN. Remember that one of the parameter to become a successful person is to be able to live comfortably, including in the financial aspect. And the only thing to ensure that we get safer financial is to have a decent income. Not a decent outcome (NO is NO!)

It is totally okay to buy luxurious things once in a while, as long as we could always ensure that our income is totally safe to accommodate all of that.

2. In Addition to Saving, Start "Investing"

Saving is good, but sometimes we have to be reminded that saving will become stagnant in some certain degrees (that's why it is called "saving" anyway). We have to find a way to ensure that we could improve what we have saved. And that's where "INVESTING" come to the rescue!

The best way is to always separate major portion of your income for the saving first, and from that portion of saving, take some into investing. Starting small and diversified is the key. We could try some easy and low risk investing, such as gold investing, fixed deposit, or peer to peer lending. Once we are quite confident with our skill to "smell" the investment opportunity (and of course once our income is quite decent enough), we could improve to bigger means, such as property, market stock, etc. 

The key point is to NEVER EVER spend all of our saving in Investing. Investing should be the supplementary for our saving, and not vice versa.

3. Hire and Delegate Whenever Needed

Once our income is quite decent enough, and some of them could be used to get help from other people (whether we hire them, outsource them, whatever way that works for us), do it! It is true that we might have to spend some extra cashes which in turn, reducing our income in general. But the thing is, we also gain an opportunity to increase our income even more in the future. Because this way, we could be focusing more in major tasks that will give huge major growth to our career or business.

The key point here is to only ask for help from trusted people, so that our spending will not go to waste. In addition, we also could help other people by giving them a new source of income or even a steady job. How great that can be?

4. Improving Ourselves in Every Aspects

An absolute requirement for all people in the world, even more for successful or for any potential successful people in the future (which means us). Remember that our world is constantly changing. Some way that worked in the past 3 years might be the worst way to do it now. That's why improving ourselves and keep learning is the only thing that we can do to ensure that we could always compete with thousands of people out there.

Survival of the fittest. While it sounds harsh, it is absolutely true in this modern world, where the newest and the most innovative one will thrive. So, never stop learning!

5. Define Clear Target & Do Thorough Evaluation

Last but not least, make sure we know what kind of "success" that we want to reach. Is it a specific business in a specific scale? Is it a specific income or finance amount? 

Remember that this target is not to torture us or to make us doomed especially when somehow in some ways, we couldn't achieve it as we desired, but it could motivate us to do better and most importantly to apply all of the 4 steps above (neat huh?)

That's why defining a clear target is a necessity. Once we have achieved that target, do some thorough evaluations on how we could reach that target, learn from any mistake or lack that we might face along the way, and most importantly, to be able to define next feasible target to be achieved. This way, we could define a sequential target that will step up every time and eventually will bring us closer and closer to our target : A Successful Life.

Those are the 5 Practical Tips that we could to to ensure that we are always on the right track in order to reach that "successful" life of ours. It will not be easy (nobody say it would), but nobody says that it is IMPOSSIBLE to.

Remember that the first step is to have the RIGHT MINDSET first. Once we have that, applying these tips continuously with high dedication and perseverance will ensure that we will have smoother journey without any doubt. :)