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5 Tips To Pass Your Job Interview

5 Tips To Pass Your Job Interview

You have graduated from your college, and you finally find your dream job. Now comes the deadly interview…

What should you do in the interview? What should you wear to get there? Is it okay to be humble, brag, or humblebrag? Will it be okay to “lie” a little bit just to ensure that you are the most fitting candidate?

Well… thousands of questions must be spinning in your head for quite some times now (been there, done that). The thing is, Job Interview is truly one of the biggest hurdle and the deal breaker that will determine whether you will be able to finally work in your dream company, or go home (and after some sobbing, might try to find another “less” dreamy job).

One thing for sure, that it’s never hurt to prepare! Try these 5 practical tips to ensure that you could pass your job interview with flying colors.

1.  Stop Overthinking

The first step is to just take some steps back, inhale a deep breath, and try to not too overthink that too much. Because when you overthink, you will become stressful, and thus it might destroy all of the confidences you have built before hand (and believe me, it will show in the interview!)

It’s recommended to take your “me time” one day before the interview to relax yourself as much as your can (and sleep early!). This way, you will become more energized at the interview day (and you might even be surprised on how amazing you can perform with that way).

2.  Dress to Impress

Unless the company where you want to work to specifically mention about the dress code, it is always best to “dress to impress”. Some front liner jobs (like sales or marketing) might need a little bit extra time to prepare, as some additional attributes like necktie (and bright face) might help a lot, while background jobs (like programmers) might give you some looser regulations.

Nevertheless, it’s never hurt to take your time a little bit more in preparing your outfit for the day, because in a way, it will make you feel good about yourself too (and that’s crucial!)


3.  Prepare Your Most Outstanding Portfolio

When you need to show some of your works, remember it’s not about the “quantity”. It’s always about “quality”. It’s best to show just 2 or even 1 outstanding portfolios, then 10… not so great jobs. This way, you could show how “valuable” you are to the company, and showing what you truly capable of.

4.  Be Honest With Your Skill Capabilities (NEVER EVER Lie)

Some old proverbs might encourage you to always say “I can” in every opportunities. Well… the not so good news is, it might backfire right to you at the job interview.

Remember that the one who will interview you is not some random people. There is a high chance that they are highly capable in technical / operational skills, just like in the field that you will be working on. Which means that they might know when you actually “lying”.

So.. take the safer steps. Just be honest with things that you are capable of, and things that you might need to work on further. It’s never hurt to admit your weakness, because it is itself, is a sign of true strength.



5.  Show That You Genuinely Care for Company AND Your Personal’s Improvement

Take a good look at the AND word above. While it’s true that the company hire you, hoping that you could improve the company’s productivities, the main actor here is YOU. Showing that you genuinely want to give your best for the company’s improvement, while maintaining your integrity as a human who wants to improve yourself, will make you the most outstanding candidates amongst all.

Because in the end, no company wants to remain in stasis forever. And by showing that you want to improve yourself alongside with the company, you have sent the message loud and clear to your interviewer that you are one of the most valuable assets to be had.

So.. those are 5 practical tips that you could try right now, or in the future whenever you are ready to face your first (or next) job interview.

Good luck and see you at the top! :)