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5 Tips To Increase Your Online Sales

5 Tips To Increase Your Online Sales

Having an Online Business is one of the most excited feeling that you will have. In addition, you will also have an unlimited potential income once your business have been widely known by your customer.

But, considering that there are tons and thousands of other businesses that might sell the similar products like yours, just to depend on your products quality sometimes might be not be enough. Thanks to that intense competitions in the online world, your sales can become stagnant, or even worse decreasing.

So… let’s try to discuss some of the practical tips that you could try in order to increase your Online Sales!

1. Try to Focus on One Line of Products

It is quite common to sell tons of different products at once in your Online Shop / Business, and that’s totally okay.

But, the fact is, sometimes it might not be as effective to just focus on one line of products. Because somehow, it will “bias” the focus of your potential visitors to their desired products (including the tons of available options and pages that they need to navigate to), and in some worst cases, might cause they lose their interest to buy anything from you.

Instead, when you try to focus on only one line of products (e.g : Shoes), this will somehow increase the “Premium” quality sense in your visitors mind, and thus might increase their interest to buy something from you.

In conclusion, instead of having one online shop that sell tons of different products, try to categorize some of the products by their line and having one online shop for one line of products.

2. Focus on Your Website’s Visitors

This point is more like a psychological aspect. Instead of focusing on your own business or products (by using the pronoun “I” or “We”), shift the focus on your website’s visitors (by using the pronoun “You” or “They”).

It seems light (or somewhat unimportant), but let’s imagine if you use that pronoun, for a couple of times in one page. Because it is so often to be used, it will be absorbed into your visitor’s unconscious mind, and might make them think how self-centered your business is (and of course you don’t want that!).

If you focus more on the visitors by using another pronoun, the visitors will feel indirectly understood and at ease to buy from you. Because they know they are prioritized and will be serviced to their satisfaction.

3. Minimize The “Let’s Buy” Invitation

Have you ever seen a “spamming” website? Where there are so many buttons here and there, with an extremely big and stand out words “BUY NOW!!”? Well, for your Online Business sake, please don’t do that.

It’s true that our main objective is to encourage your visitors to eventually buying something from us. But the fact is, the first thing that comes into (almost) every visitors’ mind when they have decided to visit your website is to get the “information” first (and of course, it is supposed to be free). Imagine if in every inch of the website, they see that big “BUY NOW OR YOU MAY REGRET LATER!”. They may lose interest to even look at your website further.

So… instead of bombarding your website with that Call to Action button, try to provide some useful information about what kind of products that they will have or even better, the benefits in doing so. Of course this will not guarantee that your visitors will become your buyer immediately, but one thing for sure, they will get quite familiar and comfortable with your business, and eventually some of them will turn into your loyal customers!


4. Improve The Image Quality & Presentation

One of the biggest weakness in Online Business is that your visitors will never be able to see the real thing with their own eyes. Which means, the only visual thing that they will take into the consideration is your product image.

Always ensure that you provide the high quality images. No blurry parts, no cropped parts (or at least not cropped in inappropriate parts), and for the sake of your visitors’ sanity, no stretching image (ewww). High quality image with good presentation will increase your visitors’ general impression about your product, and thus also increase the chance that they will become your buyer.

So… get your best designer and photographer team work!

5. Give Some Interesting “Limited” Promos

Who doesn’t love discount? (as far as we know, everyone loves it!).

Then, make one! But also ensure to insert some “limited” aspect within it. Be it on limited time range, for limited premium products, or limited quota.

This is very effective to make the sense of “urgency” in your visitors’ mind, and will increase the chance of them into buying something. Remember that most of the time, customers will not buy the product based on their logical reason, but based on their current emotion.

While it’s true that haste makes waste, sometimes it is wise to remind your visitors that it will be a waste if they don’t act without haste. :)

So… these are the 5 practical tips that you can try to increase your Online Sales. Always keep in mind that some ways may work better than others, while others may not work at all, because every business is unique.

The best thing to know which one is the most effective for your business is to give it a go, evaluate it, and improve it as required.

Happy selling! :)