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5 Tips To Improve Your Website Design

5 Tips To Improve Your Website Design

Making a 100% perfect Web Design is impossible (or at least nearly impossible). It is not an easy task also, considering there are so many Website Design Layout that you or your client may choose. But one thing for sure, for every single people, including in Indonesia, Website Design does matters a lot

So... It is almost a must for any of you who act as Website Designer, Website Developer, or just simply want to make your own website to know how to maximize your website design into the level of perfection.


Research, research, and research! This is the very first step!

Getting to know who will be your website most potential visitors and customers is a very crucial steps. If you know who are the target, you can equi yourself with some additional overall knowledge about how your website should be look like.

For example, if your target market are mostly children, you may want to give an 'Exciting and Colorful' look. While for the Business Professionals or Elites, you may want to choose more Professional Theme with simple yet modern design.


Another crucial (and sometimes can be a pithole to many Website Designers out there) is the Simplicity of its website. The simpler your website, the most likely that your customers will find it more enjoyable to browser throughout your website. Make a navigation that are easy to find, features that make your customers can use easily, and more importantly, DO NOT FORGET to insert some explanation image whenever necessary.


While Science more focusing in something that is more organized, art will be focusing in something that is more spontaneous and free. If you are one of many good Indonesia Web Designer, make sure you have these two aspects balance each other. Too organized can make your website look quite monotone, while too 'artsy' can confuse and make your customers weary (and for you also to develop the Website). Find the balance, and you may be surprised how calming and easy it would be for both of you.


Always make sure you put yourself on your customers' shoes first, when you are designing, layoutting, developing (well, basically everything). We really do not want our customers feel 'wasted' when they decide to visit our website, right? Try to identify what your customers may need the very first moment they visit your Website Home Page, and put it there. Then, slowly but surely, identify other secondary things to be applied to other pages as wel.


Another important factors of every Web Designers here. Make sure that every elements, whether it is a text, image, or simply just the layout, is quite eye friendly to be looked at. Avoid using too many colors in one sections and also avoid using highly contrasts and tiring colors as the main colors (such as Bright Red). Make sure that your images are cropped nicely and NEVER EVER let it to be blurred, or even worse, STRETCHED! And also never spam too many texts or too many images in one pages. Just don't! 

So... these are 5 practical ways to make sure that your web design will be still stand out comparing to the others out there.

Remember, practice makes perfect. 

Do not aim to be perfect. But instead, always aim to be better!