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5 Tips To Get Your Startup Idea

5 Tips To Get Your Startup Idea

Having some thoughts to start your Startup Business very soon? That’s great! One step closer for your Entrepreneur Journey.

But, as the name suggests, the “Starting” step will always be the hardest. And that’s including searching for the idea what your Startup will be.

While some people might already know what they want to do (and that’s good), taking a brief moment to think about what your Startup Business will be about is always recommended. Because you will maintain it for quite some time too anyway.

So.. here are some practical ways that could help you to get some fresh ideas about your Startup will be.

1. Knowing Your Passions

This might be the most common (and widely known, yet one of the most effective) way to get the freshest idea about your Startup. Yes! It shall be started by what your passions are. This is related to the fact that you (mostly) will have to handle all of the business aspect by yourselves at the beginning, and if you like what you do, than at least it might not feel too burdensome. Not only that, you might be encouraged to solve some challenges ahead that will be beneficial to your business improvement.

Why? Because you know you love it!


2. Knowing Your Expertise

Some of the other tips, in case you are still looking for your passions is to doing Startup based on what you are good at. Be it from technical sides or non-technical sides, if you know that you are truly good at it, than you might want to give it a chance!

Remember that at the beginning of your Startup, many challenges (added by some ridiculous requirements from your customers and clients) will appear. And if you are good at it, you will solve it with ease, and making a really great impression that will be beneficial for your business.


3. Study Other Startup Business Models

No need to be shameful to “imitate” (just a little bit) from other Startups as well. Remember that no matter how similar your business models are, the final products will always be different. In fact, some good references from other Startups might be your chance to find something new that could be added in your own, to increase your product’s values! 

4. Do Some Market Research

Life is full of problem (sigh…). And that’s where we come in!

Some of the most successful Startups emerge when they have successfully fulfilled the market demands and needs. But there is always one absolute thing. Because they managed to Solve the Problem.

So.. it’s time for you to go out there. Looking for some feedbacks (and problems, as long as you don’t get into one), and who knows, you might come with a great idea to solve them with your upcoming Startup!


5. Inspired by Current Technology Trend

Always remember that our world is constantly changing, especially when we are talking about Technology. Many business models have to make drastic shift due to the advancement of technology.

If you are somewhat a “techno-geek” and having a great interest with the technology trend, it might a good idea to give it a go! Modify your Business Models with the current technology trend, and you might be surprised how fast your business will grow.

So.. those are some 5 practical ways to get some “juicy” ideas for starting your Startup. Remember that the first step is always the hardest. But hey… that’s what makes it challenging and interesting in the first place anyway. :)