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5 Tips To Attract More Customers To Your Business

5 Tips To Attract More Customers To Your Business

It is no doubt that customers is one of the most important assets for your business. Without any decent flow of customers, your business will be having a hard time to flourish or even grow.


Many companies (even including the multinational one) always continuous looking for more effective and efficient way to attract more customers to their business. And if you are planning to open your own business soon (or maybe now you are currently managing it), it’s time for you to apply some of these practical tips that will hopefully can help you to attract more customers!



1. Do The Market Research

The first (and maybe the foremost)important step is to do your market research as soon as possible. Utilize any resource that you have, be it an online survey to know what your customers’current needs, or simply asking their feedback about how you can provide better products and services.


Those feedbacks will be your invaluable inputs in the future to provide newer and better products and services that could fulfill your customers’ needs and in result, will attract more customers to your business.

2. Creating A High Quality Content

If you are still quite new in your business, one of the easiest thing (but still needs continuous efforts to do so) is to promote your business to the market. It’s time to prove to your potential customers’ how your products and / or services could be beneficial for their life.


There are many free and reliable resources that you can use, be it your own personal social media or if you an extra budget, time to aim for the printed or online materials. This way, you can reach more potential customers’ and in the same time, give them invaluable information about what your products and services are.


A product video can go a long way too. A visual representative of your products and / or services, such as video, usually will enable the customers to understand your products and / or services more easily. Do it continuously and consistently, and without you knowing it,you will attract more customers!

And don't forget that having your own professional website can be a very effective way, as not only it shows the credibility of your business, it will also be one of the most effective promotion tools that can promote your business to literally everyone in the world 24/7. So.. it's time to contact your most trusted Web Design & Web Development Service to get your desired website!


3. Displaying Customers’ Reviews or Testimonials

If you have a website, it is highly recommended to add a special page or segment to enable the customers to give their honest reviews or testimonials about your products and / or services.Nowadays, most customers’ assess the quality of certain products not only from how good it is presented in the photo, but also from the previous customers who have used those products.

Based on one of the survey held by the Ipsos, around 78% of customers within the age range of 18 to 64, will always look for the customers’ review first when they browsing the products or services in the internet. Most customers will prone to buy the product somewhere else if they find that the products’ reviews are bad (and surprisingly, eventhough the product is the exact same thing!).


So… if you still don’t have any website or any review feature in it, time to discuss it with your trusted Web Design & Web Development Service partner to make it possible!

4. Give Special Offerings for First Timer Customers

The other way that you can try is to give a special offering for the first timer customers. Be it special price,special discount, or simply a free trial products and / or services to encourage them to give it a thought in purchasing your offered products and /or services.


Nowadays, most people will prefer to “try” first and decide it later. And now that you have given them the chance to “try”, there is a very high chance that they will purchase your offered products and / or services once they know the quality of it.


So… time to discuss it with your marketing team how to hold that special promo day for your business!


5. Maintain a Continuous Relation

Last but not least, try to maintain a continuous relation with your previous customers. Nowadays, you can utilize any free resources, such as Social Media Groups or Personal Communication Groups(such as Whatsapp, LINE, etc).


This is to ensure that you have shown your“gratitude” to them for giving you the chance to serve them, so that your previous customers’ will be felt “appreciated” and “cared”. In return, of course you could always offer another interesting promos that might interest their needs. In short, the more you care to your customers, the more respect that they will give to you, and making them one of your many “loyal customers”.


And keep in mind, that “loyal customers” is truly one of the biggest dream and asset that every businessmen could dream of!



In summary, there are still many things that you could try to attract more customers for your business. The brutal truth is that there is not one-size-fits-all solution, because every business is different.


Most of the time, it will be trial and error, which requires consistent determination, hard work, and perseverance to ensure that you will always attract new customers while also maintaining your loyal ones.


So… happy promoting!