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5 Things To Let Go When You Have Decided To Become An Entrepreneur

5 Things To Let Go When You Have Decided To Become An Entrepreneur

Many people believe that by becoming Entrepreneur, it means that you can start saying goodbye to “overwork” or “working in the weekend”, and more importantly, able to travel anywhere anytime you want.

The good news is… all of them are true!

The not so good news is… it takes quite a long time to get there. And most importantly, you must be ready to “say goodbye” to these 5 things first (at least until you have reached that desired stage)

1. Comfort

This is the very first thing that you must be ready to “say goodbye”. Comfort can be said as Entrepreneur biggest enemy.

Why so?

Simply because Entrepreneur is someone that keeps innovating and keeps aiming to reach the higher goal. And comfort is the most fundamental aspect that stops someone from reaching higher steps. Simply because they feel “comfortable” with where they are now.

And… have we mentioned about the comfort getting “for sure” income at every end of the month? In your journey to Entrepreneur, it is not really surprising that you might have to pass several months with no income at all, or even loss, which really challenges your level of “comfort”.

This is why, “comfort” is the first thing that you must sacrifice.

It will be uncomfortable to sacrifice the comfort, but you better get used to that ASAP!

2. Work – Life Balance

Many people believe that being an office worker sucks, because they need to get up early from Monday to Friday every week in every year.

Well… being Entrepreneur… It’s even worse actually…

Because your business will become your life. And somehow, the border between your business and your life will become thinner at some points, that you might be forgetting how it feels to have a normal weekend (at least when you were still an office worker).

Still, no need to worry, because it is only temporary. Because as soon as your business has flourished, you can start planning to balance your work – life again. It will take time (and some learning of course), but hey, you know it’s worth it!

3. Income

This factor might not be the first, but it is without a doubt the most terrifying fact. Yes… you must be ready for a very various income level throughout your Entrepreneur path. Some months you might be laughing proudly of your income, some months you might be crying ironically because of it. Well… it is life. Entrepreneur’s life to be exact.

And.. there is no other better advice than to get used to it!

4. Sleep

While being an office worker might give you some extra nap time during the weekend or holiday, being an Entrepreneur might give you some… things to think and do, even before you sleep at night (kind of scary isn’t it?).

Especially when you are starting your Startup business, then you must be very ready to spend more time in your business than your sleep. But still, with a good time management, you could always manage to arrange an effective sleeping time. After all, you need those fresh ideas when you are working, and not when you are sleepy!

5. Stability

Last to wrap it all up, this is the thing that you must sacrifice. Which is the main reason (mostly) why we choose the Entrepreneur life. A stability, the thing that wrap all of the 4 points above.

You must be ready to do any drastic change or measures when it is required. You must be ready to leave or do some other things you have never done before when it is needed. Anything that you are quite familiar with might be challenged, either by your clients or your own ideals. Letting go “Stability” is the only way to eventually reach a level of “stability” that could last.

So… after knowing that there are some things that you must let go in order for you to start your own Entrepreneur path, do you have a change of heart??

If not.. then congrats! It’s time to get start. :)