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5 Things To Avoid To Maintain Your Work Productivity

5 Things To Avoid To Maintain Your Work Productivity

Having a productive day at work is surely everyone’s dream (and your employer of course lol). Well, aside from which party will benefit most from your productivity, maintaining the work productivity is still one of the hardest challenge to overcome.

While there are some factors that might affect your productivity (don’t blame your lunch as it makes your sleepy during the afternoon hour, because you need it anyway!), there are 5 things that “indirectly” affecting your productivity. And these are the first things that we must avoid in the first place.

1. Social Media Usage

Let’s face it. We might have at least 1 social media, either it is Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and others (just name it). And let’s be honest that we… well… might use it more often that we “need” to, especially during our working hours.

While it seems harmless, because it will only take maybe just around 1 – 2 minutes to scroll down and see what your friends up to, remember that it takes longer to get your concentration back after seeing those posts. And don’t forget to calculate the time that you have to spend if you check your social media 5 – 6 times throughout the day (phew).

The safest thing? Just turn off your social media entirely during your working hours. Don’t worry. You will have so much time to spare to see and give some comments of your friends post later on.



2. Email Replying

How about the job related email? Isn’t that our obligation to reply it?

Well yes… But if they are tons of email that come into your inbox and you ought to reply them all at the same time, you will be extremely exhausted afterwards.

Try your best to sort your inbox email. Starting from the highest priority that you need to reply ASAP and the one that can be halted until later on (remember, every email has different degree of importance and urgency).

One thing to effectively reply your email is to spare a specific allocated time between your works (e.g, 5 minutes for every 1 hour). And ensure to reply the most urgent email first. After that, close your inbox and focusing back to your job. Don’t worry, you will have another 5 minutes in the next 1 hour. :)

3. Phone Call

If your main job is not the customer service that (literally) obliged to answer all of the incoming phone call from your customers, then it is recommended to limit your phone call. Beware that the phone call is the most draining task that will absolutely disturb your concentration, so limit it or at least substitute it with voice mail and email might be preferable.

If somehow the important call must be made, make the certain appointment at certain time about the call. This way, you could prepare on which time you must give spare of step back a little bit from your work, and focusing on your upcoming phone call.


4. Multitasking

Ever get the title as the “Busy Bee”? Well…. Believe me that it is not a compliment at all (at least in the workforce). There is a specific reason why one people will responsible in certain specific job description. And that is… to ensure the productivity of each people involved.

There is a scientific research that it will always take some extra time when you do the “transition” from one job to another. And don’t ever fall to the “busy” trap. You ought to work “productively”, not “busily”.



5. Work Colleagues

Lastly, the one that might sit around you is the one that you might want to get rid of (temporarily and figuratively of course!). Of course we know how tempting it is to chat about their life, their vacation, or even other colleagues (we call it as “gossiping”). But…

Don’t be afraid to say “no” if they ask you right in the middle of your work. Be honest and direct while maintaining the friendly tone, and surely, they will understand. Just as social media, you can chat and have a drink as much as you want after the office hour (just ensure that you are still sober by the next day!).

Those are the 5 things that you might want to avoid during your working hour to stay productive. More often than not, these 5 things seems “unimportant” and “small enough”, but the fact is, those things are the one that will disturb your focus most.

So… don’t be afraid to stand tall and express your need of time and space!  :)