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5 Success Tips From Bill Gates

5 Success Tips From Bill Gates

Do you know someone named “William Henry Bill Gates”? (the name somehow sounds familiar?)

Yes… he is the one that we widely know as Bill Gates. The main founder of the giant corporate of Microsoft, and also one of the richest man in the world (for years!)

One thing that we could agree upon, is that he is one of the most successful  person in the world. And you may start to think..

“What is his secret for all of those achievements?”

Fear not! In this article, we will share to you the 5 secrets to success directly by him


Bill Gates truly believes that reading is one of the best way for us all to gain wider knowledge. In one of his book “Road to Success”, he said that “having such a sense of curiosity about the  world helps anyone to succeed, no matter what job they choose”. And of course Bill Gates himself is of the most bookworm that you could ever find!




One of his famous quote says that “if  you are in the right place at the right time and had a vision of where technology  will go, but take no action, you will never be successful”. He never procrastinates any job that needs to be done, including all of his ideas and plans. This is one of the great example for us all, because the quicker an idea is implemented, the quicker the result will be shown. Even somehow it results into a failure, you can try to fix it as soon as possible too (because you don’t procrastinate!)




It’s true that embracing the present is one of the secret to true life happiness, but never forget to think ahead of time too (of course in a stage where it will not burden you). Bill Gates in fact, had estimated that in the future, there will be so many entrepreneurs, and thus come into a great decision to produce something that will fulfill all of those entrepreneurs need.

Still, always remember to plan it first! Define the concrete steps that you will do in order to reach that vision, thus it will keep you on the right track to your dreamed vision!


We know it is a total pain to hear a complaint from one of your client or customers (honestly). But remember, as Bill Gates says, “your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning”. So… prepare your ear, swallow your ego, and LISTEN!




One of the fastest change in the world is the technology. And this is one of the main reason why Bill Gates choose the technology as his main line of business. One if his best quote about this is “if  you see the most interesting things that emerged in the last decade, whether it  was cool things like portable music players and video game or something more  practical like smartphone and medical technology, all of them come from the  fields of science and technology” . Prepare yourself to learn about the newest technology, adapt to it, and use it to help you achieve your desired success!