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5 Mindsets To Avoid When You Have Decided To Become A Businessman

5 Mindsets To Avoid When You Have Decided To Become A Businessman

Starting our own business has become one of the most favorite choices for most of people.

Not only because of the limited job vacancy. Nowadays, by becoming businessman or starting our own business we also could help other people who are looking for job.

Still, it is better to be aware to always AVOID these 5 mindsets, to ensure that you could start your own business and run it well.

1. No Need to Be Smart or Competent

This is the most common dangerous mindset that many people adopt when they start their own business. While it’s true that some of the businessmen might don’t have high level of Education, but that truly doesn’t mean that they don’t’ need to be “smart”!

Because the fact is, starting your own business might even more challenging than becoming regular office worker. You have to constantly finding a creative way or even solutions to run and expand your business, or to even make sure your business can survive. Those skills will be very valuable to you and that’s why it will be even better if you keep enhance your competency level. 

2. No Need to Worry About Your Boss

Another dangerous mindset is that many people believe that once they have become a businessmen, they will get the highest position (and thus don’t need to worry of anyone).

Well… the bitter fact is that there is someone that has higher position (or even ABSOLUTE) position than you. It is your Customer!

They will be the one that will determine how your business will run in the long time. While it’s true that they might not “ask” you to do certain tasks (like your previous bosses did), you will be eventually have to do everything that you can to ensure their satisfaction.

This is especially true, whether your Business will be focusing to sell the service (such as Web Design & Web Development Service) or to sell goods (such as Dropshipping or Online Reseller). No customer means no income for you.

3. You Will Have More Free Time

This is another common wrong mindset about becoming a businessman, yet it might be the most dangerous one. Many people aim to be a businessman simply because they want to have more free time (who don’t?).

But the truth is, you might have to be ready to sacrifice your time more if you really want to expand your business. You have to be ready to work overtime everyday, or even in the weekend. Because your business will not become “your work”. It will become a part of your life.

It is true that after you business has flourished, you can start to enjoy a little bit more free time here and there. Still, the starting steps will be extremely hard. So you must prepare yourself for that stage!

4. You Will  Become Rich

Another mindset (and mostly hope) for most of the people when they have decided to become a businessman is because they believe it will make them “rich”.

Well… if you only look at the richest people in the world, it is no doubt than ALL OF THEM are businessmen. Still, it is totally dangerous for you to think that it is guaranteed to all businessmen to become rich (or at least richer than most employees).

Because in fact, you might have to ready to suffer some loss at the early stages of your business. Not to mention that even some big business can go down to total bankrupt in just a day because of one wrong step. In summary, no matter how big your business will be in the future, the risk is always there.

5. You Are More Valuable Than Your Employees

Last but not least, many people believe that by becoming businessman, they have raised their social status. Because you are the one who giving the job to other people. Because you are the one that will support your country’s income, etc etc.

Well… it’s best for you to never ever adopt this mindset. Because in professional life, every position has their own role. No one can function best without other. And what determine how valuable your role is what kind of value that you can give with the role you have. Not because you are “entitled” to that role.

So… it really doesn’t matter whether you are businessman or an employee. If you can give impact and benefit to other people, then it means your role is valuable. If you cannot, people will not care what kind of position you have.

In summary… becoming a businessman should not be your “detour” to get some of your “fantasies” to become a reality.

Becoming a businessman is a life decision. You should become a businessman because you “want” to, not because you “think” it will make your life easier. Because no one can reach success without hard work and perseverance, regardless of their status or position.

So… always ensure you will avoid these mindsets, beat the challenge, enjoy the journey, and hope to see you at the top!