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5 Important Features In Online Shop

5 Important Features In Online Shop

Nowadays, there are so many Online Shops in the Internet World. All of the conventional sellers are becoming more and more aware to start making their own Online Shop by hiring the best Web Developer Service, in order to market their products to any potential customers.

For you who are also a conventional seller, maybe it is time for you to consider seriously to open your own Online Shop.

But... it will be even better if you already know what kind of features that will surely help you in promote your products in the best way through your Online Shop.

Because every visitors who have visited your Online Shop, will have their own assessment about your website. Is it interesting enough? Can it be trusted? Is it worth to finally buy something from your Online Shop?

Sure, a competitive price will play quite vital role to make your Online Shop a huge success. But the user experiences will also determine whether your visitors will be interested and intrigued enough to browser your Online Shop's products and buy it eventually.

That's why it is very important to you to make sure you have included these 5 Important Features in your Online Shop.


Products Classification will enable your visitors to navigate throughout your products easily. It should be presented quite vividly in the most Websites Pages (preferable in the Header Area or at least in Home Pages). Because when visitors visit your website, they actually already have known what they want to look for. They just need to find how to find it as quick as possible in your website. 

And by this feature, they can find the products that they are looking for easily.


Searching a product by specific keywords will be also really helpful. Provide a small but quite vivid Search Box in the most easily accessible parts of your website (again, Website Header can be a good choice). This way, whenever your visitors feel lost or want to quickly search for a specific products, they can just type some phrases of the products. 

Filtering a products in a way, can be also used to complement the Product Search. Sometimes, the visitors can narrow their search by specific Price, Dates, or Brand. By combining Searching and Filtering, you will provide a wide options for your visitors for them to search their desired products.


Surprisingly, Shopping Cart feature actually doesn't play the most vital role in an Online Shop. Because the fact is, when a visitor already quite interested in buying a specific product, they will buy it nonetheless (after considering other factors, such as the price, the quality, etc). This is where a Customer Service will come in handy, because most of the time, visitors want to get the most up to date and actual info about the products to ensure that they have made the right choice. By providing a real time Customer Service (such as Online Chat), the visitors will not feel lost and able to interact with you / your customer service (which is in a way, the customer service can even persuade the visitors to buy the products).

Two birds in one stone. Great, right? 


Every products will have their own peak and low seasons. And as a business owners, it is important for us to know this trend.

For example, when we are approaching the Valentine Day, every Valentine related products will be demanded in great quantity comparing to other products. Knowing this trend will help you in keep updating and changing the products with the best choices, so that your visitors will keep buying your products and eventually skyrocketing your sale!


And this is the last dessert of every Online Shop. A Discount! Everyone loves discount / promo. 

It doesn't have to always in a form of price cutting percentage (like 10% or 20% discount), but it can also be presented in a form of Special Promo.

For example, you give a free certain product after a certain minimum payment. Or you can also give a free shipping for certain minimum of products purchased. 

It will depend entirely on your Marketing and Sales Strategy. The most important thing is, keep your products' quality at the top shape. 

So.. these are the 5 most important features that you can apply in your Online Shop.

Don't forget, in order to make these features happen and run smoothly, make sure to hire the best Web Developer Service

And we from Dimbleweb, are ready to help you with that! :)