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4 Traits Of Highly Skilled Programmer

4 Traits Of Highly Skilled Programmer

Ever admiring how an application work? Or ever thought of making a new one?

Well… it is a good chance that you will be interested in becoming a Programmer!

Yes. This profession is truly in high demand, especially nowadays, considering how amazing our world’s technology advancement is.

But…. Unfortunately… While many people dreamed about having this job (or at least admiring it), just like any other profession, it might not be the most suitable profession for everyone.

The good news is, there are 4 traits that you should assess first if you truly consider in becoming a full time and dedicated programmer.

1. Having Strong Logical  Abilities

This is an ABSOLUTE requirement that you must have in order to become a full time dedicated programmer. No negotiation at all!

Because the fact that you somehow will be the “bridge” between human logical and machine logical, having strong logical abilities is 100% needed. 

Not only that, you also must be able to solve the main tasks and problems that is aimed to be solved by your application (after all, that’s your job).

So, if you like problem solving, analyze how things work, and most importantly having a strong logical thinking skills, Programmer might be one of your best choice of profession.


2. Able to Work for Long Hours  With Your Laptop / PC

It is quite sad that some of the people, when they are asked why they choose the Programmer profession, their answer is just because “they like to play with their laptop / PC”.

Well… the harsh fact is that when you dedicate yourself to become a full time programmer, you actually WORK in front of your laptop / PC (and keep thinking nonstop to solve any problem that must be solved by your application). So... just like to play game in front your computer is truly not enough. But you must have high endurance to actually “work” in front of your computer.

3. Eager to Learn and Learn

There are tons of different codes, programming languages, and even thousands of code rules that are different in each programming language. That’s why it is almost impossible for one programmer, no matter how skillful they are to master every single programming language in the world.

The main point is how you are eager to learn new things (with new codes & languages whenever needed). Because if you want to learn, than it truly doesn’t matter how many programming language that you actually master. You will be able to nail just in the correct amount for your current application project.

4. Keep Updated with Latest  Technology Trend

Lastly, it is highly recommended that you are at least somehow resemble of those “techno-geek”. You don’t have to have the latest gadget or smartphone, or equip your residence with the smart system (though that would be awesome too). The thing is, because the programmer profession will be highly related with the technology usage, so it’s best to always be able to suit it with the latest technology trend. This is to ensure that your application can always be used optimally by your loyal users.

So… are you ready to become a full time dedicated Programmer?

Always remember that no matter what your current (and future) profession, do it whole wholeheartedly and with high pride! :)