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4 Tips To Skip Your GPA History And Getting Your Dream Job

4 Tips To Skip Your GPA History And Getting Your Dream Job

Having a low GPA history could be troublesome, especially for you who had just graduated with zero working experiences. Even more than that, in looking for job, sometimes it could downgrade your confidence which in result, even lowering your chance to get your dream job.

Still, there must be some ways how we can skip that “not so good” GPA history, and prove to our employer that we are more than our GPA alone. And the good news is, yes, they actually are!

So… let’s get down to the business!

1. Keep Your  Spirit Up and Don’t Ever Self Pity Yourself

It’s all about how you can mend your mindset first. Keep in mind that your low GPA is not the end of the world (and the end of your career!). In fact, there are still so many people out there who can shine brightly in their job, regardless of their GPA history. The truth is, many people don’t really care about GPA history anymore once you are already in the field. Because people will only focus on what you have contributed for the company and for the society.

So… keep your head up! Don’t’ ever self pity or negative downgrade yourself. Just like many motivators have said, it is started from your own mindset. Regardless of your GPA History, you still have a bright future ahead of you! 

2. Getting More Information  About Unpublished Job Vacancy

The next step is, of course to start look for your desired job. This could be tricky, because nowadays, most of us rely on the job vacancies that are published online (which most of them will usually require a good GPA history).

And this is where you must give a little bit more efforts! Try to get more information about the job vacancy that is not published online. One of the most effective way is to expand your networks and your social circle. This way, one way or another, you will get some of the most juicy information about the available jobs, or even better, one of your most desired job. Not only you will get good reference from those people who are close to you, your networks will be invaluable assets for you in the future too!


3. Not to Be Picky for Your First Job

If you have totally big zero working experience, then it is highly recommended that you are not picky for your first job (at least for now!).

Because in fact, your first job will be your very first working experiences, which will be followed by various skills improvements, and finally even various wider opportunities. So, stop being picky (once again at least FOR NOW!) about how high your salary will be, or how high your position will be. The most important thing for now is that you will have the chance to add some valuable working experiences in your resume.

Once you have gotten your first job, you can start to strategize your next steps, while keep improving your soft skills. Keep in mind that after your first job, most of the employer will prioritize your working experience comparing to your GPA history. :)

4. Optimize Your Soft Skills

If you want to have a long run and steady career, the most important skills will be your soft skills. Because the higher your position is, the more general your responsibilities will be, thus there are where your soft skills will be playing a very vital role.

Invest yourself in some legit soft skills course if you need to. Or spare your time to have a extra lesson about your soft skills improvements. Anything that you can do to optimize your soft skills in the time being will without a doubt help you to climb the career leader as high as your soft skills have improved!

While it's true that there are some jobs that seems highly "technical", such as Web Designers or Web Developers, which means the most interaction you will have during your job is between your and your computer, still enhancing your other soft skills, such as communication will be very important. Especially in how you can be the bridge between the client's needs with the technical stuffs that need to be done to make it happen, and will be beneficial for both parties.


So… those are the most proven 4 tips in helping you to finally getting your dream job, regardless of your GPA History. Remember that in the real world, experience is the best teacher and the best proof about how skillful we are. Now, it’s up to you on how you can maximize your potential to get the most experience, and of course to get the most of your career.

See you at the TOP!  :)