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4 Mindsets To Adopt To Rise From The Failure

4 Mindsets To Adopt To Rise From The Failure

“Failure is the greatest teacher” they said. But then again, our teachers would judge our failure most of the time, no? (so sad).

Well… asides from that, we are really sure that there is not a single person in this world that never fail in his / her entire life. Be it fail in work, business, or relationship. Whatever it is, a fail is a fail. We lose something that we don’t want to.

But… We also believe that most of the time, you must fail first in order to success.

Of course, as long as you adopt these 4 mindsets first!

1. Failing Something Doesn’t Make You a Loser

Failing is fine. But taking pity of yourself because of it is the one who makes it so wrong.

It’s okay to be disappointed, it’s okay to be sad, it’s even okay to be a little bit angry (as long as you don’t break something!).

But never.. ever think yourself as a loser because of your failure.

In fact.. failure is the proof that you were already trying! Because loser is not someone who lose at something, but someone who is afraid to even trying.

So… be grateful! With the failure, means that you are actually NOT a loser!

2. Failure is Human

Failure is very human. If you are a human, you should be proud to have failed in some points in your life. Because that shows that you are truly a human being!

Because human is imperfect. And the most important thing is not to pity our imperfectness, but how we can improve our imperfectness to be better version of ourselves!

3. Failure Gives You Experiences

While there are so many books and motivators that might give you some insights in how to avoid some mistakes in the future, still… we believe that the best way to actually learn from it is to by feel it for ourselves.

That doesn’t mean that you should purposely fail just for the sake of it (BIG NO!!!). The thing is, failure gives you the most experiences comparing than someone’s testimonial or what is written in the book. And of course, with more and better experiences, you will have more and better chance to reach success too!

4. Failure Makes You Stronger

Lastly, failure is one of the most effective way to make you stronger! Of course with a note that you have eventually overcome and learned from it.

Because failure will break your heart and spirit (in some ways).

And as the proverb says that “What doesn’t kill you make you stronger”. So does the failure!

If you have successfully overcome your failure, without you even know it, you already improve your own capability in overcome the similar hardships that might happen again in the future.

So… for you who still think that failure is something so shameful, it’s time for you to rise and in fact, be proud of yourself for it! Because it means that you are brave, human, and most importantly, stronger than you think. :)