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3 Tips To Start Your Startup Without Employee

3 Tips To Start Your Startup Without Employee

Starting your own startup might be exciting.. and daunting at the same time. Considering that you might have lots (awfully lots) things to do, and you might need (some) employees to help you in doing that.

But somehow, looking for a new employee might be another challenging tasks. Not to mention that in this initial phase, monetary might play the most vital role. It is totally okay to save some of your budget for your startup future (or even feel a little bit regretful after spending a little too much on some unimportant things).

So… what to do?

Well… in case you are wondering whether it is possible to manage your startup without employee at all, here are some things that you could do!

1.  Using The Technology

If you consider to replace your marketing with something that is… cheaper…? The technology is the way!

Time to utilize your social media into your own marketing media. It’s cheap (or even FREE in some ways). You might eventually need 1 or 2 employees to be able to manage the promotion media in those social media too, but hey, at least you have already started, right?


2.  Hire Freelancers

Need some people with high skill capability, but in a more… flexible approach? Why not try to hire some freelancers?

There are tons of freelancers that you could always find, with just some simple clicks from your internet browser (not to mention you could always negotiate the final price with them). Just always ensure they have good reviews (and portfolios if required).

3.  Getting Help From Your Inner Relatives

If you have some relatives that you could work with (brothers, sisters, cousins, etc), it might also a good idea to get some helps from them. Who knows that you two (or you three) could eventually become a great business partner.

Just remember to always set up the strict boundaries between personal and professional matters. Never mix them up! Remember that your greatest source of strength always come from within you, and the people near you.

Those are some tips that you could try right away to start your startup now!

Never let the fear of having (or not having) employees hold you down. Take it as the challenge, learn from it, and believe that it will eventually work in your favor. :)