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3 Tips To Prolong Your Business Lifespan

3 Tips To Prolong Your Business Lifespan

It is a sure fact that every businessmen and entrepreneurs desire that their business to last long. Not just 1 or 2 years, but decades (who doesn’t?). This kind of desire is in fact, one of the mandatory mindset that must be had by every businessmen and entrepreneurs.

But, the reality is not always as beautiful (and as smooth) as we expect. There will always come a period in some times along that journey, where business’s lifespan might be questioned (or even worse, at the stake).

Thus, if you want to ensure that you can always maintain your business lifespan, make sure to apply these 3 tips as earlier as possible!

1. Expect The Unexpected

“Stay Positive” is truly one of the best (and mandatory) trait that must be adopted by every businessmen and entrepreneurs. But beware, to never let you to be RECKLESS!

No one can predict the future (unless your business is… well… related to the fortune telling). Thus, something unexpected, no matter how trivial it is, might be affecting your business in the future. Making some rigid, yet flexible business plan might help you a long way.

Try to think some worst scenario if possible. This way, you can try to prepare some countermeasure if somehow some of those worst scenarios might happen in the future. The main point is to always move forward positively, but always prepare yourself to expect the unexpected. This is the true beauty of the journey to the Entrepreneurship!


2. Take a “Peek” at Your Competitors

It is important to take high pride in your business, products, and your workforce. But never let it make you big headed and forget that there are … well… many of your competitors might be ready to take you down (scary…).

But it is the (bitter) truth. Of course it doesn’t mean that you have to tackle down your competitors by some ungraceful ways (just don’t!), but it never hurt to “take a peek” once in a while to your competitor. It is very valuable to you to get some new insights that might be beneficial for your own business, or to somehow “imitate” and “improving” their products by our own ideas.

Don’t worry. It is the most graceful way to survive anyway. The main point is to always take pride of your work, and still open for any valuable room of improvements.



3. Optimally use the Online Marketing Media

Always remember that the technology is advancing rapidly, and thus, the use of the marketing media. Nowadays, there are tons of online media that you can use to market your product. Whether it is social media, blog, or even better your own company’s website, believe it that it is totally worth to be used.

Because the majority of the people nowadays will mostly depend on their smartphone (or whatever devices that they can hold right away) to get the latest info about something (and that includes your products).

Remember that it doesn’t mean that you have to stop your offline marketing altogether. Instead, use the online marketing media as the complementary of your marketing and expand your income (and networking) potential!

Those are the 3 tips that you must keep in mind and (hopefully) apply as soon as possible, especially when you are starting your own business. Keep an open mind and adapt to the environment change is the key.

And remember, what matters is not how long your business has been there, but how your business can impact your life and those around you! :)