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3 Office Jobs To Enhance Your Entrepreneurship Skills

3 Office Jobs To Enhance Your Entrepreneurship Skills

Many people believe that before you decide to dedicate yourself to be a full time Entrepreneur, it is important to be an office worker first.

The good news is… it is absolutely true! And the not so good news is… not actually all professions are relevant in preparing yourself to become an Entrepreneur.

So… if you really want to prepare yourself to become a full time Entrepreneur by becoming an office worker, it is best to ensure that you choose the right profession to do so.

And here are the 3 office jobs that will absolutely help you in doing that!

1. Marketing

Many people believe that marketing profession is so common that it is not really useful whatsoever in helping you to preparing yourself to become an Entrepreneur.

The fact is, the marketing will be the very first job and skill that you should master before even considering to become an Entrepreneur.

Because no matter how good your products are, you will need a comprehensive marketing strategy in order to be able to sell your products optimally to your potential customers. And by joining the marketing team in your office, you will have many great opportunities in learning this very crucial skills.

And don’t forget, by doing marketing, you will also have big opportunities in making a very wide business networks that will be extremely useful for your own business in the future.

So… if you are one of the marketing team in your office and people still like to look down on you, it’s time to hold your head high and be proud of your job!

2. Customer Service

Another “low level” profession that is often looked down by many people, yet it will be extremely useful in preparing you to become a full time Entrepreneur. How to handle your customer, especially when they request or complaint about something will determine how long your business will last. How you interact and connect with your potential customers will be also determining your business in the long run.

And who said that being Customer Service is easy? (Anyone who said that really should try to prepare themselves to handle with hundreds complaints from different customers everyday LOL).

By becoming a Customer Service, not only that you will learn how to handle customer’s complaints and requests gracefully, but also you will learn how to control yourself to become a truly composed individual. Now that’s one hell of a skill that you should have!

3. Manager

Lastly, Manager or simply being in Management field is another skill that you need to prepare. How to handle your working force optimally, how to determine the performance benchmarks in order to give effective feedback, and lastly how to manage your own business will be an extremely useful set of skills to have in order to run your own business.

Don’t forget you will also have the chance to learn how to manage your professional life effectively too, and eventually able to balance your professional and personal life. This way, you can still reach your success in your professional life and in the same time, gaining a huge personal life satisfaction for your own personal life.

Some businesses that deal with project based job, such as Web Design & Web Development Service will always involve a team consists of people with specific set of skills. Thus, Managerial capability will play a vital role to ensure that the project will be well done and can be delivered in time. 

So.. those are the 3 office jobs that you should try if you really consider to prepare yourself in becoming an Entrepreneur someday.

Remember that road to become a full time Entrepreneur is not easy. But it’s not impossible at all.

As long as your are aware of your own strength and which weakness that you must overcome, you will be without a doubt in the right track! J