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3 Best Ways To Build Customers' Trust

3 Best Ways To Build Customers' Trust

Talking about how your business can last for a long time will always talking how good your customers' trust with your business is. Because nobody is perfect, and so are your products. But if your customers have placed their heart for you and your brand, they can always tolerate the imperfectness and focus more on what you can provide for them (as long as you make a commitment to always improve yourself).

So, the next step after you have built your website from any trusted and high quality Web Designer and Developers in Indonesia, the next step is to make sure your customers will fall in love with your brand and products. This is where 'TRUST' will play an important part.

Just like Roderick Kramer, a Professor from Stanford University said, that Trust Issue is something that can be won but also can be lost very easily.

In general, for your customers to trust your product and brand, they have to be ensured about 3 things:

1. You have what they NEED

2. You always FULFILL your promise


And here are 3 practical things that you can apply to ensure you can gain your customers' trust.

1. Always Focus to Do Your Job As Best As Possible

It is quite ironic that many company are focusing and worrying about how their customers trust to their products, instead on focusing HOW TO ACTUALLY gain that.

In Dwolla, a payment gateway system owner, Ben Milne said that he would never worry about how their customers trust issue to his product or services. Instead, he just focuses on how he can always offer the best products and services to his customers.

"If I start to gain my customers trust by telling them to actually 'trust' me, I already started it very badly" he said.

So, in general, never worry about the trust issue itself. Do your job as best as possible, and the customers will trust you for sure eventually.

2. Be Transparent When Making Mistakes

Naturally, people will try to hide their mistake to avoid any possible negative outcome. 

But in the business, especially if it is related to your customers, hiding your mistakes under an unclear statement or even incorrect statement is surely will backfire. Secret, hiding, or dishonesty will always destroy the public trust to you, and even worse if somehow it is leaked or they finally know the truth by themselves. 

When you make mistakes, be brave and admit it as soon as possible. And most importantly, make commitment to solve it in the best way for both parties. Keep updating your customers about the problem solving until it is actually finally solved. This way, your customers will know how much you are serious and dedicated in doing your business and in the future, will become more eager to do business with you.

The answer is really simple actually. People just want to know the truth. That's all. Not every single people in this world like to be deceived, with any reason.

3. Always Keep In Touch and Aware

Building a trust is not a short term job. It is a continuous, long term, and long lasting job. Always keep in touch with your customers to know their trust progress to your business, and if it is possible, ask for any improvement advice that they can give to you in order to make your business become better for them. A sense of involvement will make your customers feel special and eventually, will become your reliable partner in doing your business.

And we are from Dimbleweb, as one of Web Design and Developer in Indonesia, will always try to be your best partner in building a website that can be a nice bridge between you and your customers trust. :)