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10 Ways To Make Your Website Looks More Professional

10 Ways To Make Your Website Looks More Professional

You may have your own personal website because of some considerations. If you want to sell your products, then you need a website that can display your products in intriguing ways that the customers will be encouraged to call and eventually buy your products. If you are a Professional Worker, then you need a website that can present your works, who you are and what you can offer to your visitors that will encourage the visitors to eventually hire you.

The objective in having your own website is all about promoting yourself, whether it is a Brand, a Product, or Your Personal Persona. No one will ever know about your brand, unless you put it out there. Moreover, if you are a Designer, Developer, Writer, Photographer, or any other Creative Workers, a portfolio website is the best thing to have.

The question is, how to make your website intriguing for your visitors?

In this article, we will try to give you some ideas in order to make your website more appealing and intriguing for your visitors.

1. Logo

Logo is the very first thing that your visitors will see when they visit your website. In most cultures, we usually read from left to right, top to bottom. So it is just logical and wise to put your logo at the Top Left Corner or Top Middle of your website. In this way, the visitors can quickly identify your website logo and relate it to the business that you want to introduce.

2. Tagline

The next thing that the visitors will usually see is your Business Vision in the most simplest way, named Tagline. A good tagline should be short and sharp enough, summarize all of your business visions and missions. Tagline will describe who you are, what you do, and most importantly, what the customers will receive when they decide to hire or use your products.

3. Portfolio

Portfolio will determine how interesting your website is. Visitors, without a doubt will want to see what kinds of products or projects that you have done before, because it is important for their consideration in hiring you in the future. Your website should display a clear picture portfolio, with a high quality image, and accessible by any platform used by your visitors. If your portfolio can be displayed more thoroughly on the external website, make sure you have inserted the hyperlink. And always give some brief description about your projects, including the expertise that you have implemented in order to finish those projects beautifully.

4. Service

While Tagline will summarize your business in the simplest way, still you need to describe it in more detailed way in separate pages. We don't want our visitors to just 'Wild Guess' it through your portfolio and getting the wrong impression that you don't provide other related services, while you do! Make a separate page that describe all of the Services you can provide for your Clients, so that they will feel ease and even more intrigued to hire your for their project!

5. About

This is where you can tell 'All About You', starting from your background, where you come from, why you decide to provide this kinds of services, etc. The objective is simply to make some kind of 'Connection' with your visitors and make them know you more. A good impression will eventually build a trust between you and your clients. Do not be afraid to show up a little bit, especially about the Great Things that you have done or even Awards! Simply just show what you are capable of.

6. Contact

This is one of the most important aspect that every website should have, which is unfortunately often skipped in some of the old fashioned websites. If the visitors already know you more through your Portfolio and About Page, feel impressed and want to get in touch with you, the next thing that they will try is to find a way to reach you as soon as possible. And this is where the Contact Form plays its parts! :)

7. Blog

Writing an Articles or Blogs will make your website becomes 'More Alive', because it shows your dedication to share a new knowledge for your visitors and to show them that you are true expertise and most importantly, care about your client's improvement. In other ways, regular article update is a good way to maximize your website in the Search Engine too.

8. Call to Action

Ask yourself, what is the thing that you really want to achieve by having visitors visit your website. Do you want to get as many new orders as possible? Do you want to attract more active readers for your Articles or Blogs? Or you simply want people to participate in your website in some ways?

Make sure you have the right 'Call to Action' button that will encourage your visitors to do so. 

9. Use Social Networking Websites

Make sure you have maintained a good reputation Social Medias of your business too. Because some of the loyal visitors will eventually want to stay connected with you privately through their social media. Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube are the most widely used Social Medias nowadays, so make sure you already have one!

10. Language and Communication

Finally, always maintain the communcation. Engage personally with each of your website visitors, because soon, they will be your loyal customers. Be friendly and helpful, but always straight to the problem that you can help for them. Because in the end, the Business is always about Professional and Personal. :)