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  • The Importance of CMS For Your Website

    Have you ever heard about CMS (Content Management System)? What comes into your mind when you hear that terms?For you who are quite familiar with Websites, you might ever heard about Wordpress, Joomla,…

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  • Do I Really Need Website?

    You might often ask this question to yourself. Do I really need a website? How effective will it be?And not to mention that, sometimes the price that you have to pay to hire a good Indonesian Web Design…

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  • Why Website Design Matters?

    Many of you maybe think that the essence of a website is its CONTENT, because visitors visit the website mainly to find the information that they were looking for.But are you sure that your visitors…

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  • Knowing Your Website Layout

    High Quality website is not only determined by its contents, but also determined by its design or presentation. Website Design, in a way, will very much depending on Font Type, Color Variations, Spacing,…

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