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  • 4 Traits of Highly Skilled Programmer

    Ever admiring how an application work? Or ever thought of making a new one?Well… it is a good chance that you will be interested in becoming a Programmer!Yes. This profession is truly in high demand,…

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  • 5 Tips to Get Your Startup Idea

    Having some thoughts to start your Startup Business very soon? That’s great! One step closer for your Entrepreneur Journey.But, as the name suggests, the “Starting” step will always be…

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  • 5 Success Tips From Bill Gates

    Do you know someone named “William Henry Bill Gates”? (the name somehow sounds familiar?)Yes… he is the one that we widely know as Bill Gates. The main founder of the giant corporate…

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  • Keeping Your Sanity In The Workplace

    Feeling stressful in your workplace? Or even worst… you are at the edge of your sanity and feel like to punch whoever that pass by in front of you??We really know how you feel (most of us had been…

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  • The Three Musketeers of Startups

    Ever heard about the Three Musketeers? Yes! These 3 heroes are widely well known throughout different countries, even continents.And here is the funny fact. There are also actually “Three Musketeers”…

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  • 5 Tips to Increase Your Online Sales

    Having an Online Business is one of the most excited feeling that you will have. In addition, you will also have an unlimited potential income once your business have been widely known by your customer.But,…

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  • 5 Phases of Entrepreneurship

    Have you ever heard about “Entrepreneur” (this is silly, of course all of us know about it)But… do you know that there are 5 phases of Entrepreneurship (now we’re talking).Yes……

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  • 5 Tips to Reach Financial Success

    To be a successful person?? It is truly a dream of everyone in the world.Well, it is not uncommon knowledge that many people will have their own way and journey in stepping the ladder to their desired…

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